New York Subliners WarzoneMania: Dates, teams, prize pool and more

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision

The New York Subliners will be hosting a new WarzoneMania and fans won't have to wait long to tune into the major event.

WarzoneMania had its event debut in December of 2020, and it launched to some success among players and Call of Duty fans alike. Of course, everyone wanted more, and around six months later, part two is on the way. The next WarzoneMania is set to return on June 7 and June 8, 2021.

Like last time, WarzoneMania will have a substantial prize pool which is at $100k. Players will compete within Warzone through the New York Subliners Twitch channel, which is where the draft is also set to take place. Chris Puckett and JGOD are set to host the draft for WarzoneMania, and they may be a part of the main event that will take place a week later.

Teams for the New York Subliners WarzoneMania event

Perhaps the most important part of the WarzoneMania event is what teams will be in the thick of battle. So far, the teams are not officially set and a draft will be hosted on the New York Subliners Twitch channel on June 2nd.

There will be co-ed teams that are made up of four players, with sixteen captains in total. Captains that are chosen for the WarzoneMania event will pick their teammates in a snake-style draft. Essentially, that means each team will have one pick per round until every captain has a full team for Verdansk.

Once the draft is over, the WarzoneMania event will happen on June 7th and June 8th. On both days, the games will begin at 4pm ET, and the hosts will be JGOD, Study, IHOLDSHIFT, and Lottie Van-Praag.

Day one of the event, which is June 7, will feature all 16 teams competing in a kill race. Teams will have five hours to race to the top of the kills leaderboard, and that segment of WarzoneMania will serve as a qualifier.

Eight teams will move on to the second day of the competition, where the format will be based on another kill race to see who wins WarzoneMania. First place will earn $50,000, second place will earn $30,000, and third place will earn $20,000.

It remains to be seen exactly who all will participate in the event, but as the next couple of weeks go by, fans are sure to get a sneak peak. June 2nd will bring fans all of the information they need.