"Nice to finally meet you" - Adin Ross Facetimes Drake, calls him by his real name

Adin Ross Facetimes Drake, calls him by his real name (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross Facetimed Drake on August 25 and ended up calling him by his real name (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adin Ross, who is currently among the fastest growing streamers on Twitch, shared a Facetime call with none other than Drake on his latest livestream. Drake has had a history of engagements with streamers in the recent past, most famously playing Fortnite with Tyler "Ninja" back in 2018.

Adin joined a long list of streamers with whom the Canadian musician has gone live on stream. Although the rapper did not play any video games on the stream or show his face, the call with Adin was still engaging enough to go viral.

Speaking to the global superstar, the 21-year-old internet personality expressed his gratitude and said:

"Nice to finally meet you!"

Adin Ross invites Drake to a gambling stream

Although Drake's first real exposure to streaming came in the form of a collaboration with the most followed Twitch streamer Ninja, when the duo were seen playing Fortnite together, Adin's proposal was of a different ilk.

Adin, famous for his streaming sessions on the gambling website Stake, proposed to Drake about the possibility of the duo joining in for a gambling stream. The rapper is himself fairly active on Twitch and has multiple channels on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Drake has taken part in sponsored gambling streams before, specifically in May and July this year, and was seen gambling on his "StakeDrake" channel, betting almost $1 million on the website's virtual lobbies and raking in close to 200,000 viewers.

Adin also surprised fans by calling Drake by his real name, Aubrey. He exclaimed:

"Aubrey, you know you're my Stake...co-worker."

He further added:

"Hey Aubrey, it's nice to finally meet you, bro."

Although Drake's audio was almost nearly inaudible, he was heard saying:

"Yeah, nice meeting you... So happy for you."

(Watch Adin's latest livestream here)

Adin then went on to invite the rapper to gamble on his team. The Florida-born streamer added:

"Let me know when I... you wanna, you know, gamble."

To which Drake replied:

"Aight, sounds good..."

The American streamer concluded the call by sending birthday wishes to American rapper Lil Yachty.

Adin Ross is not the only content creator known for their gambling streams. Canadian streamer Felix "xQc" is also popular for his stream involving Stake's roulette games.

Fans' reaction

Fans were both surprised and impressed by the Facetime call between the two individuals. Viewers also pointed out that Adin addressed Drake by his real name, making it appear that they have been friends for a long time. Here are some of the reactions that were shared on r/LivestreamFail:

Adin Ross had previously reacted to a livestream of the Canadian rapper gambling in real life back in July 2022. It remains to be seen if the rapper will join Adin to try their hands at gambling live on stream.

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