Nintendo Switch-exclusive No More Heroes 3 is coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox and PC: All you need to know

Non-Nintendo fans can soon enjoy the acclaimed Switch action game on their preferred platform (Images via Grasshopper Manufacture)
Non-Nintendo fans can soon enjoy the acclaimed Switch action game on their preferred platform (Images via Grasshopper Manufacture)
Siddharth Patil

Grasshopper Manufacturer's underrated No More Heroes franchise seems to be getting another go at recognition. As announced by XSEED Games, the latest entry, No More Heroes 3 (or NMH3), is coming in Spring 2022 to PC, PS4, XB1, PS5 and X|S. The game was originally released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch last year.

Our favorite otaku assassin returns! Travis Touchdown has been forced out of retirement to defend not only Santa Destroy, but Earth itself! Bring on the beam katana and take on Travis' toughest challenge yet in #NoMoreHeroes3, coming this fall to PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC!

Day 1 Edition of the upcoming port will contain the following:

  • A copy of the full game
  • A 5.3"x7" softcover artbook with over 70 pages of gorgeous artwork
  • A CD featuring select songs from the game's official soundtrack
  • A 7"x4" commemorative Santa Destroy biker license plate

The goodies will be packed within a custom box designed by series artist Yusuke Kozaki. The publisher will provide digital version details at a later date.

What is No More Heroes 3 about?


The first mainline entry since 2010's No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, NMH3, is assassin Travis Touchdown's return to form. Alien prince FU has invaded Earth, so the otaku hitman must grab his Beam Katana and slice up some alien baddies once again.

The gameplay reverts to the classic No More Heroes 1 formula. Players traverse various levels engaging in hack-and-slash combat with foes. There are also spectacle-filled boss fights against uniquely designed alien companions of FU. Open world elements also make a return. Travis can drive around on his bike and engage in mini-games like lawn mowing to make money.

The game was lauded for its zany story, characters, stylish combat, art-style, and great soundtrack. But it wasn't without flaws at a technical level.

Will there be enhancements to the new versions?

Before Travis Touchdown makes his glorious return in No More Heroes 3 on Aug. 27, get caught up on the series with this overview trailer!

The specifics are yet to be confirmed, but given the nature of other Switch ports, it could have higher resolution and performance. Upon launch, reviews criticized the Unreal Engine 4 driven game for visual and performance issues on Nintendo Switch. The graphics, while stylized, were sometimes affected by low resolution due to dynamic scaling.

The performance targeted 60 FPS in combat but was unstable. Larger fights saw drops affecting the fluidity of gameplay. The open world fared worse, being unable to stay at a locked 30 FPS when driving, despite the open world being barebones with no other physics or AI at play. It may have to do with the developer utilizing the popular engine for the first time in an open world scenario.

This upcoming port should hopefully address the technical issues and also allow new fans to experience the latest and greatest in Travis' exciting adventures. On which platform will you buy No More Heroes 3?

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