"No video today": MrBeast reveals the latest video has over 12,000 hours of footage and will be a week late

MrBeast delays upcoming video due to long footage (Image via YouTube/@MrBeast & Sportskeeda)
MrBeast delays upcoming video due to long footage (Image via YouTube/@MrBeast & Sportskeeda)

Jimmy "MrBeast" is a popular content creator and the second most subscribed YouTuber. He is famous for uploading survival challenges, giving away money, and entertaining content. However, on December 09, 2023, Jimmy posted on X that he won't be able to upload his new video until next Saturday due to 12,000 hours of footage.

He promised on X that the video would be uploaded by December 16, 2023, guaranteed. Jimmy said:

"No video today, it has over 12,000 hours of footage and is taking a little longer to edit than I thought haha. Next Saturday guaranteed!"

"Mind Blowing": Fans react to MrBeast having 12,000 hours of footage for new video

MrBeast has recently been in the news due to two of his recent videos, the first being a video where he paid a person ten thousand dollars per day for surviving in a grocery store and the second for burying himself alive for seven days. The content creator is known for taking on extreme survival challenges, participating in social service, and uploading videos regularly, almost every week or every two weeks.

Fans eagerly wait for MrBeast's weekly video uploads. However, after he announced that the next video wouldn't be out until next Saturday, many viewers left comments under the post. They were particularly shocked by the amount of footage the Youtuber has, which totals almost 500 days of video footage. One user on X (formerly Twitter) said that it was mind-blowing how much footage the Youtuber had collected.

Another user seemed too shocked at the sheer amount of data.

One user appreciated the fact that MrBeast recorded a 1.3-year-long video just to entertain his fans for 20 minutes, while others wondered how it was even possible.

While a dedicated fan commented that they would wait over a month to watch the video, others questioned how long the video would be, considering how long the footage allegedly was. But overall, fans proved to be very supportive of MrBeast regarding the delay.

MrBeast started his YouTube channel in 2012 and has uploaded 771 videos since then. He has 217M subscribers and even announced a subscriber race against T-series to be the most subbed channel on YouTube.