Nova Esports transfers two PUBG Mobile players from Chinese division to NA ahead of PMPL Season 2

Nova Esports announces its PUBG Mobile North America roster (Image via Nova Esports)
Nova Esports announces its PUBG Mobile North America roster (Image via Nova Esports)

With the League Stage of the PUBG Mobile Pro League: North America commencing on October 5, 2021, Nova Esports, a veritable powerhouse in the PUBG Mobile Esports scene, recently announced their new roster for the North American region. The official announcement was made public through various social media handles of Nova Esports.

Proudly presenting our #PMPL North America 2021 Season2 Roster! 💣💥Memory l Ydd l Xifan l Yi l Rinnn l HZLCombining experience and heat of #PEL 🇨🇳 & talent of @XifanPUBGM 🇨🇦 @RinnnPUBGM 🇺🇸 Let’s get it started!@esportspubgmna #PUBGMOBILE #PMPLNA

Nova Esports PUBG Mobile NA roster:

1.) Xifan

2.) Memory

3.) Ydd

4.) Yi

5.) Rinnn

Two new players, namely Yi and Ydd, were added to the roster. Welcoming the players, Nova Esports stated that they were combining the experience of ex-Chinese PEL players Ydd, Yi, and Memory with the talent of Xifan and Rinnn who were already competing for Nova Esports on the roster.

The new additions Ydd and Yi have vital experience of playing in arguably the best PUBG Mobile League in the world i.e. PEL. The players have proven themselves on the Chinese circuit against some of the best teams and the toughest of competitors. Earlier this year, Ydd joined the main roster of the Chinese division of Nova Esports in March for the first season of 2021's Peacekeeper Elite League. Having performed decently during the first season and helping his team secure fifth and sixth place in the League and the Finals respectively, Ydd was retained for the second season of the competition as well.

Yi joined the Nova Esports Chinese division in the second season. Both Yi and Ydd contributed a great deal to the team, complimenting star players like Jimmy, Order, and Paraboy to win the Regular Season of the competition. Although the team had an unfortunate bad run in the Finals, Yi was awarded the best rookie of PEL Season 2. The addition of both these players to the NA division is sure to bolster the already strong and talented team.

On the other hand, Memory, Xifan, and Rinnn have been playing for Nova Esports NA for quite some time now. During the inaugural season of PMPL: NA, the team performed extremely well in the League Stage, securing the second position. Unfortunately, in the Finals, the team choked at crucial junctures and ended up with an eighth place finish. However, all three players performed extremely well and played a crucial role in the team's success.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF #PEL2021 Season3! What an exciting finish! #PEL2021 #PEL

Nova Esports will now be setting their sights on securing the PMPL: NA Season 2 crown. The team's eventual goal will be to qualify for the PMGC 2021. With their Chinese counterparts dominating the third season of PEL, the fans of Nova Esports will have similar hopes from their NA division as well. It would be quite interesting to witness how the roster performs in these upcoming events.

The PUBG Mobile Pro League S2 NA will be broadcast live on both the Twitch and Facebook channels of PUBG Mobile Esports as well as on the YouTube channels of PUBG Mobile Esports and PUBG Mobile Esports NA each matchday from 7.00 pm EST.

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