OpTic BobbyPoff under fire after belittling opponent streamers, calls them “irrelevant”

OpTic BobbyPoff issues apology following criticism (Image via Twitter)
OpTic BobbyPoff issues apology following criticism (Image via Twitter)

Twitch streamer and Warzone gamer Bobby "OpTic BobbyPoff" has come under fire of late after belittling his opponents during a Warzone match where his opponents were on the hunt for their in-game Champion's Contract, a.k.a. the Nuke contract.

For those unaware, the Nuke contract allows players to detonate a Nuke that obliterates the entire lobby in one go. To procure a Nuke contract, a squad or player has to win five consecutive Warzone matches.

In the viral clip, OpTic BobbyPoff and his teammates were on a winning run. However, they ran into a squad of creators, which included fellow Warzone player Ethan "Stellar." Bobby was seen giving a vitriolic speech against them, resulting in subsequent criticism.

What did OpTic BobbyPoff say? Streamer addresses situation following backlash

OpTic BobbyPoff found himself facing heat from the gaming community after a clip of him admonishing his opponents for wiping their squad off went viral. The clip has already been shared by Ethan Stellar and online news reporter Jake Lucky, which has drawn criticism.

After being killed in-game, here's what he said in the clip:

“They use RPKs and Fennecs, and that’s all they can use. They have no skill, no talent, and no entertainment value. We are literally doing a challenge, that’s why people are watching it."

Continuing with his polemical attack, he said:

"Those guys are probably gonna be f**king irrelevant forever."

He also added:

"My stream is probably going to get more views than he has ever had on his f**king channel.”

His rant was quickly made public, resulting in the ensuing criticism. He has, however, responded to Ethan's tweet by replying:

He also added:

His initial response ended up provoking further objections. He eventually issued an apology on his stream. He said:

"There's no excuse for my actions. I said some pretty f**ked up sh*t. I said some horrible sh*t which is really unnecessary and not only that, I continue to talk about the fact of the matter for 10, 15 minutes, for long time, that's just a good look, especially when I influence a lot of people."

Fans react to situation

BobbyPoff's apology did not garner much rapport from the streaming community. Following his first rant, fans swarmed in with critical remarks. Here are some of them:

Responding to his apology, one user said:

Despite the controversy, OpTic themselves are yet to comment on the situation. It remains to be seen if the streamer will make further statements regarding the criticism.