"We’ve got some big stuff to announce": OTK announces the return of Shareholders Meeting and fans are ecstatic

OTK reveals a new announcement coming soon (Images via OTK/Twitter)
OTK reveals a new announcement coming soon (Images via OTK/Twitter)

One True King, popularly known as OTK, tweeted an interesting revelation on March 24, which had their loyal fans gushing and speculating. With some of the biggest names on their roster, it looks like One True King might go on to become one of the most prominent streamer organizations present on Twitch.

The tweet in the talks mentioned something special planned out for this particular event. Giving a slight hint about revealing some big stuff, the tweet read:

"Its back. We’ve got some big stuff to announce.

OTK plans on revealing something big on March 27, 2022

Ever since the organization's inception dating back to 2020, it has become a household name in the streaming space. The organization beat OfflineTV (OTV) and won the prestigious Organization of the Year title during The Streamer Awards 2022 hosted by Blaire "QTCinderella."

You can’t fault their passion for creating content and they’re finally They’re getting their production issues sorted. Congrats to @OTKnetwork , the Best Content Organization for 2021! #TheStreamerAwards

Known for hosting a wide variety of fun and interactive game shows and quizzes, the organization's official Twitter handle was announced on March 24 to keep an eye on the upcoming OTK Shareholders Meeting that will premiere on March 27, 2022. The event will be hosted and aired by one of the co-founding members of the organization, Matthew "Mizkif."

It’s back.💼 OTK Shareholders Meeting 💼THIS SUNDAY at 12PM PT / 3PM’ve got some big stuff to announce.

Giving a slight hint of what can be expected, viewers can observe the graphics where a big circle highlights the phrase "Super Secret Announcement." After noticing this subliminal message, several fans started to speculate what could be this super big announcement that the organization was hinting at.

Almost every co-founding member like Asmongold, EsfandTV and Mizkif were seen lurking in the reply section, where they gave a bit more insight into the event. EsfandTV, in particular, was seen saying the following:

Reading this, fans hopped onto his tweet.

Viewers speculated that OTK's Gameday might make a comeback yet again.

Jschaltt reacted to the announcement by asking if the organization could fire Rich Campbell.

The organization had a rather interesting reply to Schlatt's request.

Rich Campbell was seen reacting to this when he said:

Tips Out, one of the other co-founding members, hyped up the event.

Many fans and audiences jumped in on the conversation and speculated what the event might feature.

@OTKnetwork @REALMizkif @Asmongold @TipsOutBaby @nmplol @RichWCampbell @jschlatt @EsfandTV Oh you guys finally dropping those NFT's that Mizkif told me about?
@OTKnetwork @REALMizkif @Asmongold @TipsOutBaby @nmplol @RichWCampbell @jschlatt @EsfandTV First shareholders meeting was some of the funniest content you guys ever made. It was literally like you guys shot an episode of the office live in one take.

Fans should be on the lookout on March 27, 2022, at noon PST to learn what the organization has in store for the future. As per the speculations, the event might feature a new member signing, a new type of event, or something completely new.

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