“It sucks to be in that position”: Asmongold shares his thoughts regarding Dr DisRespect’s upcoming project involving NFTs

Asmongold discusses Dr DisRespect's latest NFT project (Images via Asmongold and Dr Disrespect/Twitter)
Asmongold discusses Dr DisRespect's latest NFT project (Images via Asmongold and Dr Disrespect/Twitter)

During one his latest livestreams, Zack "Asmongold" shared his views and opinions regarding one of the most controversial parts of Dr DisRespect's new and upcoming project with his game development company, Midnight Society.

Asmongold chimed in on his views and spoke about the situation where he was seen sympathizing with Dr DisRespect by saying:

"It sucks to be in that position."

Asmongold discusses Dr DisRespect's Midnight Society Founders Pass NFT project

Asmongold was livestreaming for about two hours where he, as usual, spent most of the introductory part of his stream browsing Reddit and watching a ton of videos sent and recommended to him by his viewers in the Twitch chat.

One such video was about the topic where a YouTuber was discussing Dr DisRespect's upcoming project and the highlights of the Founders Pass, which includes a limited run of customizable NFTs.

Giving and sharing his opinion about the "Two-Time Champion", Asmon mentioned that Dr DisRespect might have been pushed by the corporate side of the business to promote the NFTs.

He elaborated that he had seen it happen with multiple content creators when they got into a business and had people push them in directions they weren't comfortable with. The content creators then faced backlash like with Dr DisRespect right now. According to him:

"I am expecting that Doc isn't a huge fan of NFTs, maybe I don't know. I am obviously just f***ing talking out of my a** here. But there's a good chance that Doc might not be the biggest fan of NFTs either and just his marketing or production or development team thinks that this is a really good idea."

He continued:

"And so because he is the face of the product, he has to kind of defend it. You know?"

Mentioning Doc's position in this case, he mentioned that while it sucks to be in that position, Dr DisRespect is liable for what he promotes by saying:

"And that what happens where you're in a big, like an organization, but ultimately it is his responsibility too. Like its not a... what I am saying is, it sucks but that does not mean that like, there is no responsibility. Does that make sense?"

The One True King (OTK) co-founder himself has shown a keen disinterest in NFTs and has frequently called it ridiculous. He is highly skeptical of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and has also called it worse than astrology.

Fans react to Asmongold's opinion regarding Midnight Societies' Founder Pass

Fans and audiences in the Twitch chat of the streamer seemed to be against the project as a whole. The chat members mentioned that Doc is heavily invested into cryto sphere, knows what he is doing and is interested in making more money. Some even said that the game won’t see the light of day as it won't launch in due time.

Fans discussing the streamers thoughts regarding NFTs (Images via Asmongold/Twitch chat)
Fans discussing the streamers thoughts regarding NFTs (Images via Asmongold/Twitch chat)

After revealing that Dr DisRespect will be going on to start his own AAA game studio, it was recently revealed that his upcoming project with Midnight Society will feature a Founders Pass containing a limited run of 10,000 unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for its first batch of early access players.

The announcement was met with a huge amount of criticism and backlash online. Fans thought that Doc was more inclined towards making a high-octane FPS game, but believe they instead got to see another NFT project being promoted by an influencer.

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