"That is an unfair comment": QTCinderella reacts to Valkyrae's criticism of The Streamer Awards 2022

QTCinderella responds to Valkyrae's comments regarding the Streamer Awards 2022 (Images via QTCinderella and Valkyrae/Twitter)
QTCinderella responds to Valkyrae's comments regarding the Streamer Awards 2022 (Images via QTCinderella and Valkyrae/Twitter)

Blaire "QTCinderella's" award show, The Streamer Awards 2022, was a massive success. A number of influencers and Twitch streamers were awed by the overwhelming positive reception garnered by the event.

This was so much more than an award show. This was connections and new camaraderie between streamers, stories brought back to communities, and 2 females representing one of the largest viewed events on the platform. This was big picture. We did it! Thank you all so so so much.

However, amid mostly positive feedback, YouTube star streamer Rachel "Valkyrae" spoke up about what she felt were some of the negative aspects of the event, particularly how the show focused more towards One True King (OTK).

Surprised by Valkyrae's comments, Blaire said:

"Oh, that is an unfair comment."

QTCinderella watches a clip where Valkyrae shares her opinions regarding The Streamer Awards 2022


A few days after its premiere, people continued to talk positively about The Streamer Awards, but during a recent livestream, QTCinderella shared a small clip where Valkyrae was seen criticizing the show.

According to Valkyrae, the recap video that was featured during the award show had more focus towards One True King as compared to its counterpart OfflineTV (OTV).

She also mentioned how one of the videos during the award show featured streamers leaving Twitch for YouTube did not contain anything pertaining to her own move. A bit shocked about hearing what Valkyrae had to say, QT said:

"It wasn't a Twitch rewind. It was a streamer rewind. Well, Rae, Rae! It was for 2021. It was for 2021 and you left in 2020."

She continued to watch the video where Valkyrae was further questioned as to who was responsible for making the various videos featured during the award ceremony. QT followed up by saying:

"Oh, that makes me feel really bad. That sucks. Damn, that feels... I feel bad about that."

Feeling down after hearing Valkyrae's thoughts about the award show, the streamer said she felt really bad about the whole situation. She apologized to everyone and said she wouldn't be able to message everyone directly.

QTCinderella then called up Valkyrae on stream in an effort to resolve the issue. The award host immediately opened up the conversation by saying:

"Rae, I am so sorry!"

Valkyrae responded:

"NO! F**k! I hate that you saw that one clip and it looks so s**t! I am so so sorry. I literally praised you. It looks so s***ty from that one little perspective. I talked so highly about all the effort you put in and like you and Ludwig being a power couple and I was just so... just proud of you and Maya."

She added:

"No, I feel... oh god. I definately worded things in a terrible way. I was just mentioning like one thing that I was like trying to find like something about it and that was like one thing and it honestly wasnt a big deal but the way I worded it, it came off like, re-watching that clip definately came off so bad! And I just to say so sorry that you felt so bad."

Both the content creators resolved the matter and spoke about how the clip had been doctored to spark controversy. Valkyrae even tweeted about the incident following the call.

I truly am the worst at speaking. I wish I was more well spoken and could properly articulate what I’m trying to say

Fans react to QTCinderella talking about Valkyrae's opinions regarding The Stream Awards 2022

Viewers and audiences in the comment section of the YouTube video were supportive of QTCinderella and pointed out that Rae's reaction video was tailored to garner drama. They were not happy with how the clip was taken out of context.

Fans talking about the situation (Images via Streamer Moments/YouTube)
Fans talking about the situation (Images via Streamer Moments/YouTube)

At its peak, The Streamer Awards 2022 had more than 300k concurrent viewers. QTCinderella's partner Ludwig was named and awarded the flagship award of Streamer of the Year.

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