Overwatch 2 beta’s updated page might be hinting at a new tank and support hero as future additions

Two new heroes might be making their way to Overwatch 2 beta (Images via Blizzard beta and Zenofy/Twitter)
Two new heroes might be making their way to Overwatch 2 beta (Images via Blizzard beta and Zenofy/Twitter)

The Overwatch 2 PvP beta test was highly anticipated by fans for quite some time now. With it finally going live on April 26, the game broke viewership records, and Overwatch saw over 1.5 million concurrent viewers on Twitch.

Needless to say, the title's launch was incredibly successful, and fans have had their eyes glued to the streaming platform for a chance to get their hands on a PvP access code as a drop.

Conspiracy theory time: The Overwatch 2 Beta page updated with a section about 'All New Heroes' and it says "There’s a new hero for you–and many more to come." and this is the image...With each beta, could we get one new hero, most notably one from each role? 👀

However, apart from beta access, there is another thing that has excited long-term fans of the game. It would seem that Blizzard Entertainment might have teased the arrival of two new heroes to the game through their updated Overwatch 2 beta page.

This was initially noticed by Zenofy, an Overwatch player, who suggests that the game might be seeing a support hero and a tank hero hit the beta test servers very soon.

Two new heroes might be making their way to Overwatch 2 beta


The Overwatch 2 beta brought with it plenty of changes for the shooter, which included a shift to 5v5 play, a new scorecard, and the new damage hero Sojourn. The changes were highly anticipated, and it would seem that more additions are on the line if the game's updated page hints are anything to go by.

Under the "All-New Heroes" tab, which is present on the official website, an image of Sojourn is joined by two unknown heroes, one shown to be a tank and the other a support. The description on the page reads:

“Several extraordinary heroes will be joining the current soldiers, scientists, and adventurers of Overwatch. Whether you like to lead the charge as a tank, ambush enemies with powerful damage, or empower and aid your allies, there’s a new hero for you–and many more to come.”

Returning players do feel that the Overwatch 2 beta is currently lacking a diverse pool of heroes, and Blizzard might be addressing their queries by adding two new ones to the roster very soon.

Hence, if community speculations are correct, then fans will be able to enjoy a new support as well as a tank hero in the game very soon. Hopefully, the developers will be able to make the hero roster even more diverse in the coming weeks.

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