5 best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta 

Top 5 Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top 5 Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 has finally arrived as a closed beta version has been made available to a limited audience. Activision Blizzard initiated the game's alpha testing stage earlier this year, which succeeded in exciting fans for the game's closed beta release on April 27.

Blizzard's highly anticipated sequel to their 2016 Hero shooter title enters the realm of FPS gaming after being subjected to a multitude of changes. In addition to the new graphics and sound effects, Overwatch 2 will introduce brand new game modes, Heroes, maps, and numerous changes in gameplay.

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Including the newly introduced DPS, Sojourn, Overwatch 2 has a roster of 33 playable characters known as Heroes. Similar to its predecessor, Heroes in this game are categorized into three types: Tank, Damage, and Support.

As opposed to Overwatch, the sequel fields players in 5v5 PvP modes instead of 6v6 combat, reducing the slots for Tank Heroes to one per team. Listed below are five of the best Heroes that players can pick in Overwatch 2 to have an enjoyable experience as a Tank.

Top Tank Heroes in the closed beta of Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, Blizzard has immensely buffed up their Tank Heroes to make up for the reduction in their slots. This includes an increase in HP and other abilities, as well as a 30% knockback resistance and 30% lower ultimate generation from damage and healing.


In the closed beta, Tanks are capable of dealing and absorbing more damage. With the added pressure of being the team's sole Tank option, it is crucial for players to select the right Hero for the team.

After Doomfist's shift from DPS to Tank role, there are a total of nine Tanks in Overwatch 2: Doomfist, D.Va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, Wrecking Ball, and Zarya. Listed below are the top five.

5) Wrecking Ball

  • Primary weapon: Quad Cannons
  • Ability 1: Grappling Claw
  • Ability 2: Roll
  • Ability 3: Adaptive Shield
  • Ability 4: Piledriver
  • Ultimate Ability: Minefield

Wrecking Ball is perhaps the least effective Tank on the list. However, considering the adjustments Blizzard made to the Hero, he could emerge as one of the preferred choices for a solo Tank Hero in Overwatch 2.

Wrecking Ball has the highest maximum HP out of all the Tanks in the game, with 150 armor and 550 base health. While he hasn't been met with many changes, an increase in his shield's radius and health regeneration allows him to sit comfortably alongside some of the best Tanks in the game.

4) Orisa

  • Primary weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver
  • Ability 1: Energy Javelin
  • Ability 2: Javelin Spin
  • Ability 3: Fortify
  • Ultimate Ability: Terra Surge

Orisa is one of the Heroes who went through a substantial change in their ability toolkit prior to the start of Overwatch 2. With new primary and secondary weapons, and two new abilities (including her ultimate), Orisa is as good as new in the latest version of the game.

Orisa's new Javelin ability is capable of clearing away incoming projectiles, whereas her ultimate can be used to deal considerable amounts of damage while potentially taking out the enemy team's tank. The combined use of her abilities can put the Hero high up the pedestal as one of the most potent Tanks in the game.

3) D.Va

  • Primary weapon: Fusion Cannons
  • Passive Ability: Eject!
  • Ability 1: Defense Matrix
  • Ability 2: Boosters
  • Ultimate Ability 1: Self-Destruct
  • Ultimate Ability 2: Call Mech

D.Va is one of the Tank Heroes that witnessed a minimal change in their playstyle while transitioning to the game's latest iteration. Oddly, the changes she was subjected to nerfed a few of her abilities. However, given the circumstances of the entire game shifting its playstyle, D.Va is still one of the most applicable Tanks in the game.

Players can get value out of D.Va by using her to counter several of the game's menacing Damage Heroes like Soldier: 76, Cassidy, Hanzo, and a few others. With the Tank role reduced to just one player, D.Va has the potential to be the first choice for several meta compositions in Overwatch 2.

2) Doomfist

  • Primary weapon: Hand Cannon
  • Ability 1: Power Block
  • Ability 2: Rocket Punch
  • Ability 3: Seismic Slam
  • Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike

During his transition from DPS to Tank, Doomfist underwent several structural modifications that changed the Hero's playstyle. His maximum HP has been increased from 250 to 400, and his damage-dealing capability has been reduced.

Despite major changes to his abilities, Doomfist continues to have a strong presence in the closed beta. Considering the duties of the Tank fall onto a single player, Doomfist's increased mobility and aerial presence can be an invaluable component in creating space for his teammates.

1) Zarya

  • Primary weapon: Particle Cannon
  • Passive Ability: Energy
  • Ability 1: Particle Barrier
  • Ability 2: Projected Barrier
  • Ultimate Ability: Graviton Surge

Zarya is renowned in the Overwatch community for her proficiency as a damage-dealing Tank Hero who can lead the team's frontlines. During her transition to the game's sequel, Zarya gained a few additional benefits that players will be delighted to know about.

The upgrade to Zarya's barriers now allows her to double bubble, as the charge and cooldown timings for the abilities have been relaxed. This, in turn, allows players to consistently support their teammates while obliterating their opponents.

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