List of all confirmed heroes in Overwatch 2

Confirmed characters in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Confirmed characters in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 beta is all set to arrive later today, April 26, 2022, and players are excited to try out the PvP mode for the hero shooter title. The range of heroes offered by Overwatch is what makes the matches more engaging. Much to the excitement of gamers, all 32 characters are all set to return in the upcoming sequel.

The heroes in Overwatch 2 are divided into three main categories – Damage, Tank, and Support. Players can have two Damage Heroes, two Supports and one Tank per team.

Which heroes will be featured in Overwatch 2?

The list below contains all the characters that have been confirmed in the upcoming Overwatch 2 beta:

1) Ana


The Support hero is able to shoot darts to improve the health of her allies and also deal damage to enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Rifle
  • Ability 1: Sleep Dart
  • Ability 2: Biotic Grenade
  • Ultimate Ability: Nano Boost

2) Ashe


Ashe is a Damage hero who is capable of using her weapon’s aim down sight to deal a high damage shot to enemies while compromising the rate of fire.

  • Primary weapon: The Viper
  • Ability 1: Dynamite
  • Ability 2: Coachgun
  • Ultimate Ability: B.O.B

3) Baptiste


The Overwatch 2 hero plays the role of a Support hero and uses devices to keep teammates alive and reduce threats during intense matches.

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Launcher
  • Passive Ability: Exo Boost
  • Ability 1: Regenerative Burst
  • Ability 2: Immortality Field
  • Ultimate Ability: Amplification Matrix

4) Bastion


This Overwatch 2 robot in the Damage category is able to configure itself into an assault-cannon mode.

  • Primary weapon: Configuration: Recon and Configuration: Sentry
  • Passive Ability: Ironclad
  • Ability 1: Reconfigure
  • Ability 2: Self-Repair
  • Ultimate Ability: Configuration: Tank

5) Brigitte


Brigitte belongs to the Support category and helps her teammates with durable armor. She is able to increase her speed using Ultimate Ability.

  • Primary weapon: Rocket Flail
  • Passive Ability: Inspire
  • Ability 1: Barrier Shield
  • Ability 2: Repair Pack
  • Ability 3: Shield Bash
  • Ultimate Ability: Rally

6) Cassidy


This Overwatch 2 character belongs to the Damage category. He is able to hurl small grenades and is best used for medium range matches for better accuracy of his primary fire.

  • Primary weapon: Peacekeeper
  • Ability 1: Combat Roll
  • Ability 2: Flashbang
  • Ultimate Ability: Deadeye

7) D.VA


D.VA is a Tank hero who can eradicate its enemies using Cannon blasts at short range and deflect incoming attacks using the Defense Matrix.

  • Primary weapon: Fusion Cannons
  • Passive Ability: Eject!
  • Ability 1: Defense Matrix
  • Ability 2: Boosters
  • Ultimate Ability 1: Self-Destruct
  • Ultimate Ability 2: Call Mech

8) Doomfist


The defensive ability of this Tank character in Overwatch 2 allows him to reduce 90% frontal damage and deal more damage to his enemies, provided his gauntlet is supercharged.

  • Primary weapon: Hand Cannon
  • Ability 1: Power Block
  • Ability 2: Rocket Punch
  • Ability 3: Seismic Slam
  • Ultimate Ability: Meteor Strike

9) Echo


Echo belongs to the Damage category. The character is able to fire sticky bombs and convert herself to become a copy of the targeted enemy hero.

  • Primary weapon: Tri-Shot
  • Passive Ability: Glide
  • Ability 1: Sticky Bombs
  • Ability 2: Focusing Beam
  • Ultimate Ability: Duplicate

10) Genji


Using his second ability, this Damage hero is able to reflect incoming projectiles towards the way they are aimed.

  • Primary weapon: Shuriken
  • Passive Ability: Cyber-Agility
  • Ability 1: Swift Strike
  • Ability 2: Deflect
  • Ultimate Ability: Dragonblade

11) Hanzo


The Overwatch 2 hero, belonging in the Damage category, is quite versatile, using a bow and arrows to deal damage to the opponents.

  • Primary weapon: Storm Bow
  • Passive Ability: Wall Climb and Lunge
  • Ability 1: Sonic Arrow
  • Ability 2: Storm Arrows
  • Ultimate Ability: Dragonstrike

12) Junkrat


Junkrat belongs to the Damage category and uses snares to slow down opponents. He is able to launch explosive grenades to inflict damage.

  • Primary weapon: Frag Launcher
  • Passive Ability: Total Mayhem
  • Ability 1: Concussion Mine
  • Ability 2: Steel Trap
  • Ultimate Ability: RIP-Tire

13) Lúcio


Lúcio is a Support hero who can switch between two areas of effect – heal over time and speed buff. Further, he can give nearby teammates a temporary shield.

  • Primary weapon: Sonic Amplifier
  • Passive Ability: Wall Ride
  • Ability 1: Soundwave
  • Ability 2: Crossfade
  • Ability 3: Amp it Up
  • Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier

14) Mei


This Overwatch 2 hero, belonging to the Damage class, is capable of conjuring snowstorms to cause damage to opponents, alongside building ice walls to block sight, movements, and attacks.

  • Primary weapon: Endothermic Blaster
  • Ability 1: Cryo-Freeze
  • Ability 2: Ice Wall
  • Ultimate Ability: Blizzard

15) Mercy


Mercy is a good Support to have on the team as she is capable of healing teammates while not taking damage and can resurrect a dead ally with full health.

  • Primary weapon: Caduceus Staff
  • Secondary weapon: Caduceus Pistol
  • Passive Ability: Regeneration
  • Ability 1: Angelic Descent
  • Ability 2: Guardian Angel
  • Ability 3: Resurrect
  • Ultimate Ability: Valkyrie

16) Moira


Moira is a Support hero in Overwatch 2, whose Ability 1 has two modes: Healing nearby allies and Causing damage to nearby enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Biotic Grasp
  • Ability 1: Biotic Orb
  • Ability 2: Fade
  • Ultimate Ability: Coalescence

17) Pharah


Pharah is of the Damage class and is capable of unleashing rockets to cause damage to enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Rocket Launcher
  • Ability 1: Hover
  • Ability 2: Jumper Jet
  • Ability 3: Concussive Blast
  • Ultimate Ability: Barrage

18) Orisa


From damage reduction to temperature health, this Overwatch 2 Tank hero acts as a great support to teammates.

  • Primary weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver
  • Ability 1: Energy Javelin
  • Ability 2: Javelin Spin
  • Ability 3: Fortify
  • Ultimate Ability: Terra Surge

19) Reaper


Reaper is a Damage hero who has the power of teleportation and uses short-range shotguns to inflict high damage on nearby enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Hellfire Shotguns
  • Passive Ability: The Reaping
  • Ability 1: Wraith Form
  • Ability 2: Shadow Step
  • Ultimate Ability: Death Blossom

20) Reinhardt


The hero, who belongs to the Tank class, uses his hammer to create a cone of force that stuns and causes damage to nearby enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Rocket Hammer
  • Ability 1: Barrier Field
  • Ability 2: Charge
  • Ability 3: Fire Strike
  • Ultimate Ability: Earthshatter

21) Roadhog


This Tank hero in Overwatch 2 uses a scrap shotgun and fires constant bursts that are able to knock down enemies if the shot is accurately targeted.

  • Primary weapon: Scrap Gun
  • Ability 1: Take a Breather
  • Ability 2: Chain Hook
  • Ultimate Ability: Whole Hog

22) Sigma


Sigma belongs to the Tank class in the hero-shooter game and can manipulate gravity to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

  • Primary weapon: Hyperspheres
  • Ability 1: Experimental Barrier
  • Ability 2: Kinetic Grasp
  • Ability 3: Accretion
  • Ultimate Ability: Gravitic Flux

23) Sojourn


Sojourn is the brand new Damage hero for Overwatch 2. She has two firing modes – rapid fire (generates energy) and heavy impact single shot (consumes energy).

  • Primary weapon: Railgun
  • Ability 1: Power Slide
  • Ability 2: Disruptor Shot
  • Ultimate Ability: Overclock

24) Soldier 76


Soldier 76 belongs to the Damage category and helps with healing teammates using his Ability 3 and causing damage to enemies using his Full-Auto Rifle.

  • Primary weapon: Heavy Pulse Rifle
  • Ability 1: Helix Rockets
  • Ability 2: Sprint
  • Ability 3: Biotic Field
  • Ultimate Ability: Tactical Visor

25) Sombra


Sombra, an Overwatch 2 hero from the Damage class, has the unique power to see enemies in low health through walls, disable the opponents’ abilities, and has the skill to remain invisible for a short amount of time.

  • Primary weapon: Machine Pistol
  • Passive Ability: Opportunist
  • Ability 1: Hack
  • Ability 2: Stealth
  • Ability 3: Translocator
  • Ultimate Ability: EMP

26) Symmetra


Using her primary weapon and Ability 2, this Overwatch 2 Damage hero can fire long range balls of piercing energy and allow teammates to teleport, respectively.

  • Primary weapon: Photon Projector
  • Ability 1: Sentry Turret
  • Ability 2: Teleporter
  • Ultimate Ability: Photon Barrier

27) Torbjörn


Aside from the self-built turret that is capable of attacking opponents automatically, a molten gun and a melee weapon are the weapons used by this Damage hero to fight off enemies.

  • Primary weapon: Rivet Gun
  • Passive Ability: Forge Hammer
  • Ability 1: Deploy Turret
  • Ability 2: Overload
  • Ultimate Ability: Molten Core

28) Tracer


Tracer, belonging to the Damage category, is the only Overwatch 2 hero who is capable of turning back time to restore position and health.

  • Primary weapon: Pulse Pistols
  • Ability 1: Blink
  • Ability 2: Recall
  • Ultimate Ability: Pulse Bomb

29) Widowmaker


This Overwatch 2 Damage hero’s Ability 2 and Ultimate Ability is able to reveal the position of the enemies through walls.

  • Primary weapon: Widows Kiss
  • Ability 1: Grappling Hook
  • Ability 2: Venom Mine
  • Ultimate Ability: Infra-Sight

30) Winston


This Tank hero is able to get health and armor boosts using his Ultimate Ability, and is able to create a bubble shield temporarily to block enemy fire.

  • Primary weapon: Tesla Cannon
  • Ability 1: Jump Pack
  • Ability 2: Barrier Projector
  • Ultimate Ability: Primal Rage

31) Wrecking Ball


This Overwatch 2 Tank hero is able to cause damage to enemies using explosive mines and is the best when it comes to mobility.

  • Primary weapon: Quad Cannons
  • Ability 1: Grappling Claw
  • Ability 2: Roll
  • Ability 3: Adaptive Shield
  • Ability 4: Piledriver
  • Ultimate Ability: Minefield

32) Zarya


Zarya, a Tank hero in the game, is capable of deploying a shield that converts damage caused by enemies to energy that helps in powering her weapon.

  • Primary weapon: Particle Cannon
  • Passive Ability: Energy
  • Ability 1: Particle Barrier
  • Ability 2: Projected Barrier
  • Ultimate Ability: Graviton Surge

33) Zenyatta


Zenyatta is an off-beat Overwatch 2 Support hero who becomes immune to damage, restores the health of teammates, and causes damage to opponents when they are in line of sight.

  • Primary weapon: Orb of Destruction
  • Ability 1: Orb of Harmony
  • Ability 2: Orb of Discord
  • Ultimate Ability: Transcendence

Disclaimer: These characters have been confirmed for the Overwatch 2 beta. Additional heroes might be added, or existing ones might not be introduced in the final game.