Overwatch 2: Doomfist and Orisa getting massive reworks

Overwatch 2 open beta is releasing on April 26 (Image via Blizzard)
Overwatch 2 open beta is releasing on April 26 (Image via Blizzard)

Blizzard Entertainment is reducing the team size of Overwatch 2 from 6v6 to 5v5 in their next installment, but the changes are not just limited to the matchmaking format. Till now, as per the recent news update, they are giving some major rework to two opposing forces, Doomfist and Orisa.

With the Overwatch 2 Beta knocking on the doorstep, fans are pretty excited about all the changes that have been made to the game. In this new format, the Tank role is more important than ever. The new 5v5 team formation will change the way Tanks approach fights.

The Tank role fulfills a crucial purpose in a team fight. The primary objective from the previous installment would remain the same, and they’d play the most critical support role in the game. The main focus of a Tank character would be to make space for their teammates, initiate engagements, and peel for allies in trouble. However, they’d still be able to inflict a decent amount of damage while holding their defensive stronghold.

Doomfist and Orisa’s major reworks in Overwatch 2

Major rework has been done on the two popular heroes, Doomfist and Orisa. They are both assigned to Tank roles in this new installment. Blizzard's Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman worked on Doomfist’s changes and Senior Hero Designer Brandon Brennan focused on the rework of Arisa.

Let’s dive into the details and see what changes have been made to these Heroes in Overwatch 2.


Talk to the fist. All new weapon and ability kit for Doomfist coming to #Overwatch2.

Doomfist is known for its high damage-dealing capabilities. In this new role, he meddles between a damage hero and a Tank Hero. Geoff Goodman explains, “Doomfist is a combo hero, taking a page out of fighting games. We want to keep that feeling while moving him to the Tank role.” Some of the abilities in this new installment are familiar. He’s a fast-paced, lethal hero with great mobility.

A Tank Hero must have a decent amount of defensive stats. The base health of Doomfist is increasing from 250 to 450. While there is no specific change in Hand Cannon’s damage-dealing ability, Rocket Punch has been nerfed a bit, however, it will feel quicker.

The big new change is that Doomfist’s kit is getting a new core called Power Block. Enemy players need to be attentive to this new gauntlet as his kit now offers both offensive and defensive abilities. Goodman said:

“Power Block feels kind of like Zarya when people shoot into her shields, but instead of passively gaining damage, his next punch will get a buff that lasts until he either uses Rocket Punch or is eliminated.”

Doomfist now has superfluid mobility on all planes in Overwatch 2. Seismic Slam is going to launch him into the air, which will make him more fluid and fun to use. He can now jump over enemies and Power Block their damage while using Rocket Punch as a Damage Inflictor.

The ultimate ability of Doomfist, Meteor Strike, has gained new utility but with a shorter cast time. The overall damage has been reduced a bit. The knockback has been removed. It has now been replaced by a slow-for-enemy hit. His new ability will help him coordinate team attacks. He now has a more vital role to play. Although the base feeling would be the same for the veteran players, Doomfist's new role would make him a more approachable and impactful Tank Hero.


Orisa online. All new weapon and ability kit for Orisa coming to #Overwatch2.Dive deeper into Doomfist and Orisa reworks in our latest

Centaur Omnic Orisa now has a completely new kit. Her defensive abilities have changed a lot. She no longer possesses Supercharger, Halt! or the Protective Barrier. The developers want her to engage in more team fights, and she is getting an offensive rework. According to Brennan, her new kit is a brawly, engaging Tank.

Her primary health and armor level has received a buff. The new ability, Javelin Spin, makes her spin a javelin, which destroys incoming enemy projectiles. Her primary fire is a projectile, which builds up the heat instead of ammo. Whoever gets close to it receives a lot of damage, which helps her push forward.

Fortify has now received some minor tweaks to fit Orisa’s new playstyle. It generates less heat with Orisa’s primary fire, which helps her keep her fire ablaze for a little bit longer. It also offers extra health of 125. According to Brennan:

“The idea behind this change is that Fortify will always yield meaningful defensive value for Orisa whenever she uses it.”

The new ultimate ability that has been given to Orisa is Terra Surge, which pulls enemy players towards her.

The Overwatch 2 developers are putting more effort into making changes and giving the game a new outlook while keeping the standard Overwatch feeling the same. According to them, they are trying to make the Heroes as impactful as possible. However, they still want players' attachment towards their favorite Heroes to remain the same.

The Overwatch 2 open Beta is releasing on April 26. All the new changes that have been made will be included in this Open Beta. The community's reaction will tell if all the modifications are worthwhile or not.

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