All of Sojourn's abilities in Overwatch 2

Sojourn was revealed as a new character coming to Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Sojourn was revealed as a new character coming to Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 is almost here, and Blizzard Entertainment is delivering plenty of new information regarding the game and its heroes.

Sojourn is the latest addition to the game's hero roster. She will be the series' first Black female character and its first Canadian character.

The developers recently hosted a live stream and announced the full details of her entire kit.


From her basic abilities to her ultimate ability, Sojourn is going to be a menace in Overwatch 2. Her abilities are Railgun, Power Slide, Disruptor Shot, and the Overclock Ultimate.

Every ability Sojourn will have in Overwatch 2

Sojourn engaging. Overview of Sojourn's weapon and ability kit coming to #Overwatch2.

Like other heroes, Sojourn has four abilities, including three basic abilities and one ultimate ability.

Her Railgun will be her primary means of dealing damage, with the other abilities available as support in combat.

Introducing Sojourn.A fierce former Captain of Overwatch equipped with cybernetic abilities.Coming soon to #Overwatch2 PVP Beta.

1) Railgun

As shown in the gameplay trailer, the Railgun has a high rate of fire, generating energy upon impact and damaging enemies with brutal quickness.

The Railgun comes with a secondary firing mode that shoots a single, high-impact shot. It consumes stored energy and is a great way to deal large amounts of damage at once.

2) Power Slide

The Power Slide is Sojourn's next ability in Overwatch 2. It is just like any slide found in gaming. Players can use Sojourn to rush into battle and slide great distances to reach cover.

The Power Slide can also be canceled into a high jump. When canceled, it launches Sojourn into the air. The high jump allows her to enter the battle in a different way or get to more advanced areas of cover.

3) Disruptor Shot

The Disruptor Shot ability, as seen in the gameplay trailer, is one massive wave of energy launched at enemies. It has an area of effect which deals damage and slows down the opposition.

Any opponent caught within the blast of the Disruptor Shot will take a hit to their health and see their movement speed drastically decrease for a short time.

4) Overclock (Ultimate)

The final ability in Sojourn's kit is her Overlock Ultimate ability.

This ability uses her patented Railgun to charge up a shot that can take down multiple enemies and deal massive amounts of damage.

Overlock ensures that a large amount of energy is charged into the Railgun. Upon release, a line of energy shoots out and pierces through enemies, allowing for awesome multi-kill collaterals.

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