Overwatch 2 tier list: Best and worst heroes ahead of closed beta 

Best and Worst Heroes in Overwatch2 ahead of closed beta release (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best and Worst Heroes in Overwatch2 ahead of closed beta release (Image via Sportskeeda)

Overwatch 2 nears its official release, with its closed beta set to commence on April 26. With game-defining changes and enhancements in graphics, Blizzard Entertainment's sequel to their 2016 hero shooter title is one of the most anticipated FPS games of the year.

Overwatch's much awaited sequel has been in the making for nearly three years as the game was initially announced in late 2019. While the game's enthusiasts were disappointed in the lack of communication from the developers, they will be delighted to know the results of the game's alpha testing stage.

A deep dive look at all hero changes featured in #Overwatch2 Alpha…

In a closed alpha testing period that spanned a few weeks, several popular players, content creators, and analysts gained hands-on experience of the upcoming game.

Who will be the best and worst Heroes in Overwatch 2 closed beta?

Those who played the alpha experienced a shift in gameplay, although changes have been made since. A Reddit user recently posted an aggregate tier list for Overwatch 2, containing inputs from tier lists of various analysts like Jaws, Custa, Samito and Iced.

Although the analysis of each individual had a separate outcome after weeks of continuous gameplay, an aggregate of their results will give one an idea of how the game's meta will turn out to be.

When compared to its predecessor, Overwatch 2 brings forward a brand new game mode of a Player vs Environment (PvE) nature, providing players with an enthralling story mode experience.

Simultaneously, the Player vs Player (PvP) game modes will also be hit with several changes, mostly revolving around the map design and Hero abilities.

The typical 6v6 mode of PvP gameplay has been changed to 5v5, with the roles being limited to 1 tank, 2 damage and 2 support. To accommodate all the structural changes, the abilities of a few Heroes had to be altered as well.

Hero tier list in Overwatch 2 listed ahead of the closed beta release (Image via Reddit/F1gment-)
Hero tier list in Overwatch 2 listed ahead of the closed beta release (Image via Reddit/F1gment-)

High up on the list as the best Hero in the game is Lucio. The Brazilian Support Hero is the lone member of the "Best Hero" category, as listed by u/F1gment- on Reddit. Lucio is followed by Soldier: 76, Doomfist, Moira, Genji and Tracer, who are categorized as "Meta."

While Heroes like D.Va, Ana, Reaper and Reinhardt made it to "Good," Junkrat was listed as the only "Bad" Hero, with Roadhog taking the sole position of the "Worst Hero" in the game.

The remaining 21 Heroes were split between the "Average" and "Niche" categories, as their efficacy in competitive scenarios often depends on a variety of other factors.


Overwatch 2 will also introduce major changes to several existing Heroes like Doomfist, Orissa, Bastion, Sombra, Cassidy, Mei and several others. Soujourn, a Canadian damage Hero, was introduced in the alpha as the 33rd addition to the game's roster of playable characters.

With improved graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics and lore progression, Overwatch 2 is the much-needed upgrade to the game that fans were waiting for. Once the closed beta is released on April 26, it will be made available to existing players for free, replacing its previous title.

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