How to get an Overwatch 2 PvP access code for free as part of the 2nd beta key drop

Watching the Overwatch League, 2022's opening weekend could reward players with a beta access code (Images via Blizzard)
Watching the Overwatch League, 2022's opening weekend could reward players with a beta access code (Images via Blizzard)

After years of waiting, Overwatch 2 has finally arrived, albeit in a limited stage, and has taken the fan base for a joyride. Starting April 26, the game's PvP beta testing has kicked off grandly, delighting the fans.

However, a few people have been saddened to miss out on beta access codes. Things could change for the better as Blizzard will provide an easy way to earn the codes, depending on their luck.


Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the hit hero-shooter video game that revolutionized the genre. The new installment will see some important shifts like 5v5 matches, all of which can be accessed during PvP testing.

Watching the game's professional scene, a.k.a. Overwatch League, could offer exciting rewards to those who didn't get access codes in the first place.

Players can get Overwatch 2 PvP testing access codes by watching the Overwatch League 2022

Earlier on April 28, Blizzard announced their plans to expand its current testing and provide an excellent opportunity for new players to test the game. Overwatch 2's PvP testing is limited to PC only but has allowed players from all over the globe to enjoy the action.

The upcoming stream of the Overwatch League 2022's opening weekend could be rewarding, especially for those who missed out on their first chance. Blizzard has already dropped access codes as part of its Twitch stream program, and the upcoming one seems to do the same.

1500 beta keys released PER HOUR ๐Ÿ”‘If you haven't gotten into the #Overwatch2 PVP Beta yet, worry not!You'll have another opportunity to win access by watching #OWL2022 during Opening Weekend!

All interested players will need to watch the Overwatch League on YouTube. However, they will have to ensure that their YouTube account is connected to Battle.Net to be rewarded with an access code.

Connecting the two accounts is quite simple, as all a person will need to do is click on rewards. This will allow them to proceed with further steps to connect their accounts to their Battle.Net account. This will be a mandatory step for them to become eligible for the rewards.

Overall, it's an excellent opportunity for anybody interested in playing the beta but has missed out on the two earlier opportunities. Moreover, 1500 Overwatch 2 beta access codes will be handed out every hour, which provides great odds for any interested players.


The PvP testing offers a brand new hero in the form of Sojourn along with reworked ones like Orisa. There are different maps on which players can enjoy the tactical switch to the 5v5 mode. There are also indications that Blizzard could release more content before the testing window closes in mid-May.

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