How to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Do the impossible (Image via Activision)
Do the impossible (Image via Activision)

Overwatch 2 remains one of the most hotly anticipated sequels in video game history. With the beta that dropped only a couple of days ago, fans are finally getting a look at the game's newest hero in action.

Vivian Chase (AKA Sojourn) is a cybernetically enhanced soldier who fought in the Canadian army during the Omnic Crisis. She was a close friend of Soldier: 76 who took over his role as Overwatch leader.

Sojourn in Overwatch 2

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Sojourn is a mid-range Damage hero with a unique build focused around accuracy and powerful alternate fire. Overwatch 2 fans have found her difficult to use, but extremely effective when properly mastered.

Her primary weapon is her Railgun, which fires 11 rounds per second while dealing nine damage per shot. Every successful hit with a gun builds energy for her secondary fire, which is the centerpiece of her kit.

Her secondary shot can be fired after gathering energy from her primary shot. It's a hitscan laser, meaning it hits or misses the instant that it's fired and suffers no drop-off. It deals damage based on its level of charge and can deal up to 100 on a full charge. With a headshot, it deals 200 damage, enough to instantly kill many foes.

Her Power Slide ability lets her dash in the direction she's moving. This can be canceled into a very high jump at will. Her Disruptor Shot is an AOE that deals damage over time and slows enemies. It can deal up to 200 damage if enemies are trapped within its tiny grip the entire time.

Finally, her ultimate ability is called Overclock. It auto-charges the railgun's secondary fire, hitting 100% every 1.2 seconds. It also lets those powerful blasts pierce multiple enemies. While not particularly flashy, this ult lasts nine seconds and could be used to kill multiple enemies with well-placed shots.

Sojourn tips in Overwatch 2

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The Overwatch 2 players who will find themselves most at home with Sojourn will be Soldier: 76 veterans. Her substantial damage and high skill ceiling make her deadly, but it'll take some training to get used to her.

Sojourn is pretty simple. Hit enemies with her primary shot often and finish them off with the secondary. Players should attempt to soften their foes and build energy with the primary fire, then finish them off with their gathered energy.

The Power Slide is on a seven-second cooldown, so wasting it is a substantial problem. Players will need it to chase down foes and get around shields. The ability to cancel into a high-jump is stellar, providing a myriad of vertical options to easily box in enemies.

Shields are a huge problem for Sojourn, and even her ult can't slice through them easily. Flanking will be the primary concern for Sojourn players, getting into position to score a kill.

Aim for the head at all times with Sojourn, the benefit added to her secondary fire is too great to pass up. Unless the target is injured and running, just keep the cursor at head level or stay on higher ground.

Sojourn is a hero that depends heavily on the player's aim. So get to the high ground, headshot regularly, and enjoy Overwatch 2's newest hero.

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