Every new map in Overwatch 2

New fields of battle (Image via Activision)
New fields of battle (Image via Activision)

Overwatch 2 dropped its PVP beta on April 26, letting a select few get a glimpse at the game. The hotly anticipated follow-up to the blockbuster first-person shooter has unleashed a ton of new information for fans to obsess over.

The beta is set to run over the entirety of May, and most fans will have to get their information second-hand. Four new maps have been introduced in the closed beta, featuring interesting new developments for the overall game.

Every new map so far in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2's new maps include interesting new environments which dynamically affect the pace of battle. Each of the new maps is visually interesting and some feature a nod to the game's beloved lore.

1) Circuit Royal

A high-class warzone (Image via Activision)
A high-class warzone (Image via Activision)

This ritzy environment takes Overwatch 2 players to beautiful Monte Carlo to see how the other half live. As an escort map, players will be pushing a payload in the form of a floating race car.

Defense players find themselves spawning into a massive garage, connected to a huge hotel. The team on attack begins in a gilded casino, served on all sides by a dedicated omnic staff.

The attacking team must push the car through Monte Carlo's winding streets and into the ballroom of the glorious Hotel Arche. It is a large and open map with a ton of verticality. It's a great place for snipers and more mobile heroes. Defense has a slight edge here, and it'll take a dedicated shield on attack to win the day.

2) Midtown

City that never sleeps (Image via Activision)
City that never sleeps (Image via Activision)

This hybrid map takes place in New York City, exploring the dirty urban corners of the US. Attackers must lay claim to a tiny fire truck, then guide it into Grand Central Station.

Attackers must leave a small dive bar and pass through a deadly train stop to activate their charge. The first point feels very similar to King's Row, with an appropriate sniper window at the top level. Entering the station is a deadly choke point, while its internal workings are packed with interesting cover.

The start of matches on this map are chaotic close-range fights in a tiny train area. Take a melee or explosive character in with confidence, and save the longer-range types for later in the match.

3) New King's Street

Eh! (Image via Activision)
Eh! (Image via Activision)

This chunk of Toronto is one of the two Push maps, holding Overwatch 2's new mode. It also serves as Soujourn's home base, packing it with lore for the new hero.

Both teams spawn equidistant from the map's center, where T.W.O. sits under a covered bridge. After thirty seconds, he'll be unlocked and the winning team can guide him to their necessary points.

Teams will each have a different direction that T.W.O. must push, to end the match further from the center than the enemy. This map is packed with shops where players can enter skirmishes and staircases to add verticality. This mode encourages more mobile fighting and less payload sitting.

4) Colosseo

When in Rome (Image via Activision)
When in Rome (Image via Activision)

The second Push map requires players to leave art museums to enter the eponymous Colosseo. They must coax T.W.O. to aid the payload into the opposing team's lovely art house.

This map requires both players to navigate the hill towards a tight u-turn. Each team's checkpoint sits at the top of the hill, so the uphill battle is much of the crux.

There's too much going on to plan this map. It shifts from contained to massive on a dime. Overwatch 2's new maps have introduced a ton of interesting new details.

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