“People think I am harassing Tommy” - KSI responds to backlash for asking his fans to spam Tommy Fury

KSI responds to criticism following recent drama (Image via Side+ and Instagram/Tommy Fury)
KSI responds to criticism following recent drama (Image via Side+ and Instagram/Tommy Fury)

UK-based content creator and boxer JJ "KSI" has become entangled in a new controversy after encouraging his followers to flood Tommy Fury's social media posts, conveying that Fury did not emerge victorious in their recent bout. Naturally, this has been perceived as online harassment by many. JJ has also taken notice of the criticism and has finally addressed the drama.

JJ took to the latest Sidecast (Sidemen's podcast) episode to respond to the backlash that he has been receiving. Speaking to the rest of the members present in the podcast, he said:

"I posted on my channel and apparently it is controversial. It's just crazy. I really didn't see the comments. It was when Josh (Zerkaa) mentioned it, so I went to watch it as well and read the comments and I was there like, 'Oh rah, so the people think harassing Tommy because I'm telling my audience that he lost'."

"I don't really care" - KSI brushes off critics following recent drama

KSI is no stranger to controversies, and his most recent involvement in one occurred when he prompted his fans to express their sentiments about the match against Tommy Fury directly to Fury. He said this in his video on December 4, 2023:

"Let's keep reminding Tommy that he didn't win that fight. Under his Instagram posts, Twitter posts or anything that he posts online."

(Timestamp: 07:21)

KSI, however, appeared unfazed by the criticism. In fact, during the podcast, he responded by stating that he didn't care about what Tommy's fans thought of his remarks:

"But ultimately, I don't really care."

When asked why he wanted to say that, JJ responded:

"For me, it's the annoyance of these three random people (the judges) that have dictated the whole (fight). I feel like, I want him to be reminded that publicly, he didn't win the fight."

Harry "W2S" (another Sidemen member) responded by asking:

"Has Tommy done anything to deserve this? What's he done wrong? He wasn't there in the build up."

JJ responded to him by stating:

"He has said a lot of sh*t before and after the fight...I don't think he will get any money for his next fight anymore...I don't think there's an audience for him."

This, of course, isn't the first instance of JJ finding himself on the wrong side of the internet. In early 2023, the YouTuber used a racially insensitive slur directed at the South Asian community. Nevertheless, he has since apologized for his remarks.