"People will do anything for money" - Fans shocked as Adin Ross viewer drives their car into lake and police shows up

Adin Ross
Fans are shocked to see two kids drive their car into a lake for money on an Adin Ross stream (Image via Adin Ross/Kick)

A recent Adin Ross Kick stream featured young fans doing incredibly risky things to go viral and receive money from the streamer. One particularly reckless act involved a group of kids in their early 20s who offered to drive their car into a lake. Unfortunately, as soon as the car was in the water, cops showed up. Unfortunately, at this time, it doesn’t seem like the kids will earn that money unless there’s proof that a tow truck gets the car out of the water.

This led to a wide variety of reactions online, from Twitter to the LiveStreamFails subReddit. Some were shocked, while others figured this is fairly typical behavior for someone who is a fan of this particular Kick streamer:

Adin Ross fans drive their car into a lake for money, only to get caught by the police

(Clip begins at 3:36:10)

While many stunts and tricks were pulled during Adin Ross’s recent Kick stream, the most reckless came from a group of boys in Canada. They were willing to drive their car into a nearby lake for 8K USD (or the Canadian equivalent). They understood the risks and stated clearly in their performance that it was “satire” and that they were responsible for their actions.

However, almost as soon as the car went into the water, the cops showed up. Some in the stream thought the pranksters took too long, and someone called the cops on them for various reasons. At this time, there’s no footage of the car coming out of the lake, and the kids doing it on Adin Ross’s stream all appeared to be fine.

A clip of one of the pranksters was shown on X.com as well, where one of the young men said that Adin Ross was not liable for anything that happened. The controversial Kick streamer, recently accused of being on drugs, does not appear to be accountable, but it also does not appear at this time that the kids have been paid.

There were a wealth of responses to this prank, with some thinking the kids would come out with a nice chunk of change, while others were convinced that once a tow truck gets there, the kids will be on the hook for a costly bill. If the license plate and any information are on the car, it likely will not be difficult to link the vehicle to the streamers who put it in the lake in the first place. Some netizens feel that streams like this will harm Kick’s reputation and see someone get seriously hurt.

Here are some more reactions:

Others would talk about Adin’s potential legal culpability, as he would pay these kids to drive the car into the lake. Some netizens felt that if Kai Cenat evaded jail time for his “inciting a riot” charges, Adin Ross should be able to avoid any problems resulting from this Kick stream.

This is far from the only controversial moment in Adin’s community. In addition to this stream, he recently teased that he could have one more chance to collaborate with Andrew Tate.

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