PlayStation's next CEO explains when PS5 games are coming to PC

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PS5 games will eventually make their way to the PC (Image via PlayStation and Valve)

With the radical shift in console exclusivity, there is no better time than the present to be a PC gamer - especially when taking into consideration the recent release of PS5 games on the platform. In fact, PlayStation’s next CEO, Hermen Hulst has come forward to address the release of PS5 exclusives on PCs - confirming their eventual arrival.

A breakdown of the statement can be found below.

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PS5 games to be released on PCs eventually moving forward

As detailed in Tom Warren’s X post above, Hermen Hulst, one of the soon-to-be CEOs of PlayStation has confirmed that PS5 games will eventually make their way to the PC, sooner than you think.

Going into further detail, Hulst has explicitly pointed out that live service titles (such as the incredibly popular Helldivers 2) will see a simultaneous day-one release for both the PC and PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, single-player, narrative-focused games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War: Ragnarok (which is rumored to have its PC port announced with the State of Play event for May 30, 2024) will continue to be released on PlayStation 5 consoles first.

These games will, however, eventually be released for the PC - with the goal of “enticing” existing PC players to purchase the console in order to play sequels from day one.

PS5 games will eventually make their way to the PC. (Image via PlayStation)
PS5 games will eventually make their way to the PC. (Image via PlayStation)

The effectiveness of the move is rather questionable, given that most PC players would be unwilling to make the jump to the PlayStation ecosystem, opting to stick to their own systems (which do come with its own set of benefits such as free online services, and more).

It can, however, be argued that a select section of the PC gaming community would be more than willing to make the jump - especially if they possess relatively outdated hardware.

Regardless, the results of this shift in strategy remain to be seen, and will likely take a while to manifest any solid conclusion.

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