PMGC 2022 Grand Finals: Winner, overall standings, prize pool distribution, MVP, individual awards, and more

S2G Esports lifted PMGC 2022 title (Image via PUBG Mobile)
S2G Esports lifts PMGC 2022 title (Image via PUBG Mobile)

After three days of nerve-wracking action, the Grand Finals of the 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) ended today, January 8. Turkish team S2G Esports emerged as the tournament's champions, decimating the competition and taking home the title with 190 points and 93 eliminations. They came alive on the event's final day, showcasing their prowess and bagging the winner's cash prize of $400,000.

DRS Gaming bagged the runner-up award (Image via PUBG Mobile)
DRS Gaming bagged the runner-up award (Image via PUBG Mobile)

In a historic moment for Nepali esports, DRS Gaming got the runners-up spot in the competition, surprising fans and analysts alike. The team showed their mettle and displayed incredible consistency in their performances throughout the three days to finish second. DRS ended their PMGC 2022 campaign with 158 points and 88 frags. The squad was awarded a cash prize of $200,000.

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Brazilian superstars Alpha 7 Esports ended up in the third spot. This team played really well and remained in the race for the trophy until the final game. However, a few errors here and there cost them the title. They ended their run with 156 points and 77 eliminations to their name, earning $120,000 from the Grand Finals.

Brazilian squad Alpha 7 grabbed the third spot (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Brazilian squad Alpha 7 grabbed the third spot (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Defending champions Nova Esports collapsed under pressure in the PMGC Grand Finals and failed to finish on the podium. Their average performances led them to a 9th-place finish in the tournament. This side generally displays much more impressive gameplay during global events. With that said, here's how much Nova and the other teams earned in the Grand Finals.

Prize pool distribution of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC): 2022

The total prize pool of the Grand Finals stood at a massive $1.5 million. Each team was rewarded according to their placement in the points table. Here is how the aforementioned amount was distributed:

1) S2G Esports: $400,000

2) DRS Gaming: $200,000

3) Alpha 7 Esports: $120,000

4) GodLike Stalwart: $80,000

5) IHC Esports: $60,000

6) Vampire Esports: $50,000

7) iNCO Gaming: $42,000

8) 4 Angry Men: $35,000

9) Nova Esports: $32,500

10) Geek Fam: $30,000

11) Wolves Esports: $27,500

12) Buriram United Esports: $25,000

13) T2K Esports: $22,500

14) Alter Ego Esports: $20,000

15) Fire Flux Esports: $17,500

16) Influence Chemin Esports: $15,000

Solo Showmatch Winner: Soulless (S2G Esports): $3,000

Note: Additionally, each of the 16 competing teams was also awarded a participation fee of $20,000.

PMGC Grand Finals individual Awards

Along with the regular prize pool, individual awards were also given to players who performed exceptionally well throughout the Grand Finals. Here are the five gamers who received them:

1) Finals MVP - TOP (GodLike Stalwart)

2) Gunslinger - TOP (GodLike Stalwart)

3) Grenade Master - Sand3shS (T2K Esports)

4) Eagle Eye - Wwx (4 Angry Men)

5) Field Medic - Fluketh (Vampire Esports)

PMGC Finals individual awards winners (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMGC Finals individual awards winners (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Mongolian squads GodLike Stalwart and IHC Esports performed admirably to secure the fourth and fifth spots in the overall rankings. Starting out slowly, both squads gradually gained momentum, eventually earning a respectable spot in the overall standings.

Fire Flux and Influence Chemin Esports were the worst performers in the Grand Finals, finishing in the 15th and 16th spots, respectively. The former, a Turkey side, struggled from the start of the competition, failing to gain any momentum. The squad was eliminated in multiple matches early on, missing out on the opportunity to take fights against strong opponents.

Brazilian team Influence Chemin, on the other hand, started out quite well on Day 1. However, the squad's campaign saw a downward trajectory in terms of their performances as the days progressed, and they were found clueless on the final day of the event. They ended their PMGC run with a last-place finish.

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