Police seek PUBG Mobile ban in Pakistan

Image Credit: Brandsynario
Image Credit: Brandsynario
Rijit Banerjee

All versions of PUBG are loved by millions of teenagers all across the globe. The game has especially gained massive popularity among the youth, as it offers a war-themed battle royale game which can be won by eliminating foes and surviving the match till the very end.

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However, despite being a fan-favourite game, we have seen people suggest that PUBG should be banned due to its in-game violence and addictive factor. Teenagers spend a huge amount of time playing PUBG and other games in today's quarantine age, which has raised concern in the minds of parents.

Move to ban PUBG in Pakistan

The latest case of the movement to ban PUBG has come from Pakistan, with the country's Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Ashfaq Khan, writing a proposal for banning PUBG in the country, and addressing to the Federal Investigation and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Image Credit: India TV
Image Credit: India TV

Before this incident, a petition was submitted to Lahore High Court as well, for banning the game in the country. However, despite strong support from many quarters for this move, this petition bore no fruit, as no action was taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

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Elders who are concerned about their children playing PUBG and other games have been monitoring and keeping a check on their children's health by making sure the latter don't play for too long.

There is no doubt that games like PUBG have encouraged the eSports scene throughout the globe, and such events bring out talents who have the chance to become pros. However, if the hammer starts falling on even one game, the future of games PUBG would be in peril.

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