Popular host James Dash bids farewell to League of Legends LCS after 10 years

James Dash will no longer be the host of the LCS for the upcoming season (Image via Riot Games)
James Dash will no longer be the host of the LCS for the upcoming season (Image via Riot Games)

On January 3, 2023, James Dash, one of the most popular faces of League of Legends LCS, announced that he will not be returning to the tournament in full capacity. He has been involved with the LCS for 10 years, and it looks like it is time to say goodbye.

Dash is highly respected in the League of Legends community. His presence behind the host desk was second only to Sjokz, the face behind the LEC.

It appears Riot Games decided to take this route because it wanted to change how the LCS was conducted.

Dash's absence from the LCS is certainly something that will make a lot of fans sad.

James Dash's removal prompted by League of Legends LCS’ new direction

James Dash's removal from the host desk for League of Legends LCS led to quite a commotion. However, the biggest question that fans had was why he was removed.

It is no secret that the viewership of the LCS has been declining massively over the past few years. Dash was one of those people who kept the show going, and some people tuned in just to watch him.

The LCS, however, seems to be moving in a new direction, which does not require a consistent host. Dash confirmed this aspect of the LCS in his farewell tweet.

@JamesDash You will absolutely be missed.

This news infuriated fans of the LCS, as Dash was an integral part of the series. According to many, it was a breath of fresh air to have him welcoming the LCS every weekend in a tournament whose popularity had been on the decline.

@LCS_Eevee Severely disappointed in this decision, he was a major reason for me being interested by the desk and the show in general

However, the LCS has not yet provided a statement on the matter. This has given rise to the question of what Dash will do and whether he is completely out of the loop.

This seems unlikely to be the case. He is expected to be involved in certain aspects of the LCS through content production and other areas. However, it will not be as inclusive as it was before.

Dash also appeared to confirm this in his tweet:

"I will still be involved from time to tome for key moments and some content."
@LCS_Eevee So they're really just taking LCS out back and shooting it dead huh? Never have I been so whatever about watching LCS...oh well

James Dash will now open a new chapter in his career, and much of it will be away from the League of Legends community. There is no doubt that this is the end of an era, and the entire community will miss him a lot.

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