Project TriTri teased for consoles, helmed by JRPG industry veterans

Individuals behind some of the biggest JRPGs ever made are working on this little known upcoming game (Images via Three Rings/Nintendo)
Individuals behind some of the biggest JRPGs ever made are working on this little known upcoming game (Images via Three Rings/Nintendo)

Indie RPGs aren't anything new in the scene. For example, there are upcoming ones like Sea of Stars and Sports Story. There have been murmurs of a new indie project in the works. This one is Project TriTri by developer Three Rings.

As per Gematsu, the upcoming game will feature the names of some important people. They are known for some of the biggest RPGs of all time. These include:

  • Nobuteru Yuuki of Chrono Cross fame will work on Project TriTri's world design
  • Hiroki Kikuta, who composed for Secret of Mana, will be returning here
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X's character designer Raita Kazama will be responsible for the same position here
  • Yuura Kubota, who also helped with 2017's Octopath Traveler and the recent Bravely Default II, will be behind the scenario

What is this new upcoming RPG from Three Rings about?

Project TriTri will be an action RPG. It is described as a revival of the 90s RPGs but "for a modern age", which sounds somewhat like the recent Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising.

The team aims to provide an accessible experience that will feel familiar for longtime genre fans but will also be enjoyable for today's audiences. It seems like discovery and a sense of excitement from that aspect. There will be demos for fans to get a taste of what the adventure entails.

The narrative is about a young man Cyan who finds himself tangled in the cruel web of destiny. He discovers that he is the chosen Warrior of Chaos. That title is given to an agent of the Gods of Chaos who fought against the Gods of Order for victory over the land they reside in.

After the Gods fell, each of the two factions alloted a "proxy" who must act in their favor and fight their counterpart. Cyan must seek the Warrior of Order and bring them down.

It also looks like there will be three different characters, and each will possess a unique type of cute monster of some sort.

What does Project TriTri stand for?

While it's not yet clear what the project name means, it is alleged that TriTri stands for Trinity Trigger. Eventually, a website domain of the same name was found when this information was unveiled. The game will be officially announced on May 26, 2022.

It is set to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The release is planned for Q2 2022. No Xbox or PC platforms, unfortunately. Are you looking forward to the debut reveal? It should certainly grab some attention among the public, given the number of talented veterans on board.