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PS5 reveal: Harry Potter game 'Hogwarts Legacy' officially announced — First look and other details

'Hogwarts Legacy' is the newest addition to the Potterverse (Image Credits: PlayStation/YT)
Modified 17 Sep 2020

Harry Potter fans may just have had a mild heart attack! A stunning and visually attractive video game called 'Hogwarts Legacy' has made an appearance at the recent PS5 showcase of games.

To everyone's surprise, this title promises to make the player venture into the fantastic wizarding world of Harry Potter and explore the places that they have read about in the books and watched in the movies.

It's the dream of every Potterhead to get that precious Hogwarts letter and study wizardry in Hogwarts, and it seems like this is about to come true. Unlike other Harry Potter games, this will focus on the player's interactions and make a personalized experience for every player on the PlayStation 5.

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Herbology classes in Hogwarts in
Herbology classes in Hogwarts in 'Hogwarts Legacy' (Image Credits: PlayStation/YT)

You can study Potions, Herbology, and Defense against Dark Arts, and develop your character in this PS5 offering, and explore the beautiful school of Hogwarts. Hopefully, you can win some Quidditch matches too while you are at it

Harry Potter-based 'Hogwarts Legacy' PS5 reveal: All we know from the trailer

By the looks of it, this PS5 game seems to be fresh, and a whole new story awaits, as players will rejoice at the new elements added to the enchanting world of magic. Players will have to use their acquired knowledge from the books and make the best character possible to save the threat that Hogwarts will face in the game.


While we couldn't get many hints regarding the storyline and gameplay from the cinematic, we could see that many new elements have been added to the game. This is done to make it feel fresh, even for those who have experienced every part of Hogwarts and know every corner of it on the PS5.

New terrains and points in the existing wizard world have been added to make the game fresh (Image Credits: PlayStation/YT)
New terrains and points in the existing wizard world have been added to make the game fresh (Image Credits: PlayStation/YT)

It would be a great way to make non-Potterheads fall in love with the series written by JK Rowling, and make more people aware of this great series. The game should release in 2021, and thus, many more details will be on their way, as this PS5 showcase trailer was just the tip of the iceberg.

So, take up your wands fellow wizards, and await a journey into a muggle-less world!


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Published 17 Sep 2020, 02:42 IST
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