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PS5 Showcase revealed Resident Evil VIII

(Image Credit: Capcom)
(Image Credit: Capcom)
Modified 17 Sep 2020, 22:58 IST

Horror fans will get quite a few new fun games to play around with. Between Frictional announcing a new Amnesia game to Capcom revealing their upcoming Resident Evil game, there’s plenty of new games coming to scare players soon.

Resident Evil VIII: Village, small town scares

Resident Evil has gone through quite a few phases in its quite lengthy history. Beginning as a game about an elite police squad stuck inside a zombie mansion, the game quickly expanded into the fictional Raccoon City and its mysterious underground tech lab run by Umbrella Corp.

The story of the games became quickly tangled, often ludicrous, and at one point entirely ridiculous, the previous entry into the main series, Resident Evil VII, returned the game to its horror roots with a brand new perspective. Additionally, with the very successful Resident Evil 2: Remake, it’s fair to say that Resident Evil has entered into a second high mark in its history.

Resident Evil VIII takes the perspective and themes of the previous mainline game and takes it outside, getting out of the creaky old house of the previous game. Likewise, one of the series’s protagonists, Chris Redfield, is featured in the trailer. Although we don’t know if we’ll be playing as Redfield, his presence does imply a higher degree of connectedness to the rest of the series story.


Will Resident Evil VIII be more scary or silly?

With 24 years of history under its belt, Resident Evil has a bit of an identity crisis. Sometimes scary, sometimes campy, and sometimes both, many fans of the games like the game for different reasons. Resident Evil VIII looks like it’s trying to appeal more to the fans of the seventh entry, a game which toned down the campiness and ramped up the scares to attract new players.

Therefore, it’s likely that Resident Evil VIII won’t lean too heavily on its complicated canon and focus more on offering a scarier and more straightforward experience. If you’re a newcomer to the series, Resident VIII will probably be a good enough entry point, so long as it doesn’t over indulge in its own story.

Published 17 Sep 2020, 22:58 IST
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