PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Pakistan and Bangladesh: How to register, schedule and format

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021
PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021

Registrations for the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship Pakistan and Bangladesh 2021 have started today. It will go on until March 14th, and interested players can register their teams on the official website of PUBG Mobile Esports. The tournament is exclusive to college/university students only.

The qualification stage is scheduled from 22 March to 4 April while the online qualifiers will be conducted from the 8 April to the 25 April. The quarter-finals will be held from 29 April to 9 May while the Semi-Finals will take place from 14 to 23 May. The grand finals of the tournament will be played from 28-30 May.

The total prize pool for the tournament is $120,000 USD. Matches in this tournament will be played in the TPP format only on three maps i.e Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

Registration steps for the PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021

Step 1: Click on the link for Pakistan , Click on the link for Bangladesh

Step 2: Tap the Registration banner and read the requirements, FAQs, and terms and conditions.

Step 3: Now, fill in their team names and regions.

Step 4: Carefully fill in the player's information such as name, email id, character id, university/college ID card number (or mark sheet registration number)

Step 4: Now, agree to the terms and conditions and click the Submit button.

PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2021 Requirements

1. Players must be at least 16 years of age as of the tournament start date

2. Players must be a student enrolled in a college or university located in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

3. All players must be level 30 and above and ranked Platinum 5 or above at the time of registration.

4. Team rosters must be of four players only.

6. Gamers are only allowed to use mobile devices during the tournament (including the in-game qualification round). Players who use tablets or a PC emulator will get disqualified from the PMCO.

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