PUBG Mobile India likely to shortlist 30-member influencer team before game's release

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PUBG Mobile India will likely to shortlist 30 prominent influencers in India before the game’s release to check out the title and create content focusing on the same.

The announcement of the specific Indian version by PUBG Corporation on 12th November provided users with momentary respite as they received the news they had been eagerly waiting for a while.

Soon after, the teasers featuring Jonathan, Dynamo, and Kronten were released, and a website was also set up. About two weeks ago, PUBG India was registered as a private limited company with a paid-up capital of 5,00,000 INR.

It has been more than three weeks since the initial announcement. Despite the developments, the players haven’t received an exact release date of the version in India.

However, recent reports haven’t been great. They suggested that the Indian version is yet to receive a green signal from the ministry to restart its operations.

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PUBG Mobile India likely to shortlist 30-member influencer team

As stated earlier, PUBG Mobile India might shortlist 30 influencers before the actual release of the game in the country.

According to sources close to PUBG Mobile, this influencer team will be paid a specific stipend to stream/create content around the Indian version, which will be released within one week of the game’s release.

However, with no clarity over government restriction yet, the plan might just get delayed even further than expected.

Maxtern's deleted tweet
Maxtern's deleted tweet

Maxtern, aka Sagar Thakur, one of the prominent faces in the Indian PUBG Mobile community, had recently claimed on Twitter that the application for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile had been released for selected influencers, but the servers haven't been running yet. Later, he went on to delete his tweet.

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