PUBG Mobile Indian version will likely have a special function to limit playtime

(Image via newswire)
(Image via newswire)

The journey of PUBG Mobile fans in the last couple of months wasn't smooth sailing, as there were several ups and downs. In early September, a ban was imposed on the game, and the server access was terminated for the Indian users at the end of October.

While the updates in the last few days have provided the users with reasons to celebrate as the PUBG Corporation is preparing for the release of the Indian version of the game.

On Thursday, PUBG Corporation announced the Indian version of the game. The fans were elated about the announcement. PUBG Corporation also said that the in-game content would be improved in the new version to cater to the requirements of the Indian users as well as create a healthy game environment and culture in the country.

Players can check out the official press release by clicking here.

Apart from this, the company also disclosed that there would be some major changes in the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. One of the changes is the restriction on the playtime, and this article focuses on the same.

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PUBG Mobile Indian version will likely have a special function to limit playtime

The Indian version would be slightly different from the global version regarding the game's content. It would be as a virtual simulation training, and characters would be automatically clothed and such.

More importantly, a special function will likely be implemented to place certain restrictions on the game time to promote healthy gameplay habits. Although the global version of PUBG Mobile earlier did have time limitations. With the introduction of the Indian version, it is expected that the restrictions could be stricter.

Another key aspect of the announcement was with regards to the esports league, which would be exclusive to the Indian region.

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