"PUBG Mobile's ban in India led to growth of Free Fire's player base": Popular Free Fire streamer Tau (JIGS Official)

Tau, Free Fire
Tau, Free Fire's newest content creation sensation (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ajay Assudani

Tau is a content creator at Jigs Official with nearly 800,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. His channel is based on Garena's Title Free Fire, while he is also a part of Esports XO.

The creator started his journey in the early days of the lockdown and has built up a massive audience in a short period, becoming an inspiration to many growing creators in the industry.

The 19-year-old gaming icon from Uttar Pradesh shares a lot about his personal and professional life in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Esports' Ajay Assudani.

Q1. How has been the quarantine period for you so far?

Tau - During the early months of the lockdown, everyone stayed at home. I had nothing to do, but since we were already playing Free Fire, we came up with the idea of creating gaming-related content on YouTube and began competing in esports tournaments. So, those days were highly productive and aided us in getting here.

Q2. How was the support from your family when you initially started gaming?

Tau - I am a dedicated person in whatever I do, so my family trusted me. As any typical parents would, they had some concerns regarding gaming, about where it would take me and its future. They never restricted me in whatever I did, though.

Convincing my parents to move to the Gaming House in Bengaluru, Karnataka, from Uttar Pradesh, was also a difficult task that took one to two weeks of convincing, but they eventually agreed.

Q3. What did you do in your school days?

Tau - I enjoyed going to school until class 10 and kept a good level of attendance, but when I chose Commerce n Class 11, my focus shifted to gaming. Despite this, I was able to get reasonably good grades because I studied during the exam days. I notched the First Division in the 12th grade, though I barely passed Class 11.

Q4. Who is your best friend in the Free Fire community, and why?

Tau - The current FFIC champion, Maryx from Galaxy Racers, is my best friend in the community. We have been together for three years and always planned to do something out of the game as well.

I also used to play competitively, but things were not in my favor. Back then, I was an esports player but got banned from one of the official tournaments for one year.

Going deeper into the story, it was the Booyah Streamers Battle, and I was playing the tournament with SK Sabir's team, another renowned YouTuber in the industry. Some of the teams were using a third-party application, and the event was not being conducted fairly, so we decided not to play, and that's how we broke the tournament rules.

I got demotivated during the ban's start, which I told Maryx, and I always thought of doing something out of the game. Both of us have been in a good space in our respective fields so far.

Things are going well now, and currently, I am also in Garena's Partner Program. I also have a good YouTube family, and I now play the game competitively, too, as the ban has been lifted.

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