PUBG Mobile team TSM expected to change its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster according to latest leak

TSM India
TSM India

In a recent development that might come as a surprise to Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports fans and viewers, TSM (Team Solomid) is making some changes to its lineup.

TSM, one of the top Esports organizations in the world, is based in Los Angeles. The team entered India through a partnership with Entity Gaming in the spring of 2020.

With the impending launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India in the coming days, live stream viewership has soared again to six figures. There is speculation about an official tournament taking place just after the official launch. Several Esports organizations are trying to find a lineup with the skills to win trophies.

TSM may modify their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster soon

Esports organizations in India are locking down their BGIM rosters before the Esports circuit begins. Teams looking for sponsors are also grinding hard to try to show their worth.

A source close to Sportskeeda revealed that TSM is planning to drop their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster. The lineup is touted to be among the top teams worldwide. They include some of the best assaulters, including Jonathan and ZGod.

However, the roster will stick together. The reason for the sudden drop is unclear as of yet, as the team has been performing at the top level ever since TSM picked up the roster.

Earlier, TSM CEO Andy Dinh hinted on Twitter about expanding further into Mobile Gaming Esports. Prior reports expressed strong speculation that TSM would be acquiring the Sixth Sense Free Fire roster.

The current PUBG lineup has had plenty of success worldwide, winning and finishing podiums in multiple tournaments. For example, the team, under TSM's banner, finished second in both the League Stage and the finals of the PMPL: South Asia Season 1. Later on, they went on to win the PUBG Mobile India Series 2020 emphatically.

But during the PUBG Mobile World League, the team struggled in the early stages. But they made a comeback by finishing sixth in the League Stages and the finals.

Jonathan, the star player from the team, is touted as among the world's best. He has consistently showcased game skills and firepower. He has often shown up among the top fraggers across various tournaments. The performance of other members, ClutchGod, ZGod, and Neyoo, has been admirable as well.

With a star roster up for grabs in the market, organizations around the country will hope to sign them. It would be interesting to see which organization the roster joins next.

About TSM (Team Solo Mid)

Recently, TSM announced a naming rights deal worth a whopping $210 million with Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

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