"Rake in the money and damn everything else": Diablo Immortal player is furious after being kicked out of their own clan

The clans allow players to play the game together (Image via Blizzard)
The clans allow players to play the game together (Image via Blizzard)

For Blizzard and Diablo Immortal, it's completely okay not to refund a user for a product that has become restrictive to them. Since its launch, the game has been controversial due to its microtransactions. Unfortunately, even for those willing to pay real-life money to enjoy some of the features, there seems to be no solace. Such has happened to one player who has been restricted from using the clan they created.

Many players in Diablo Immortal prefer to either create or join clans which allows them to enjoy the game with friends. Like the victim, in this case, many have even spent real-life money-making clans enjoying the game together. Unfortunately, due to an in-game mechanic, the victim was removed from the clan they had created. What's worse is that the user hasn't even been refunded, and it seems there won't be one.

Diablo Immortal mechanism removes a player from the clan they created with real-life money

The incident came to light when Reddit user u/mrcaruthers made a post about what they had to face. The user reported how they had spent money to create a clan in Diablo Immortal.

On being advised by a friend, the user decided to apply for a chance to join the Shadow faction. Unfortunately, once they got selected, the user was removed automatically from the clan they were a leader of. According to mrcaruthers, there was no warning of what would happen.


When the user asked for compensation, they were explained that what had happened was a part of Diablo Immortal's system. The Shadow faction works separately from the normal clan system, which is why the user was removed. However, what has upset mrcaruthers is that they haven't been compensated for their loss.

While the clan will exist, mrcaruthers will stay in the Shadow faction. However, they won't be compensated as the clan had been created with in-game gold. This is the main reason for all the frustration, as the user feels they should have been warned at least.

This is the latest of many sentiments against Diablo Immortal among players. Much of it has been due to the microtransactions in the game. While Blizzard has decided not to sell gears directly, it has been undone by the sale of legendary gems.


These gems are extremely powerful in the game and can make a major difference. To make matters worse, the best gems are locked behind costly in-app purchases. There's hardly any other way to get the best gems without buying legendary crests.

This has ultimately created a system that directly benefits those who choose to spend. Some analysts have found that it could cost as much as $110,000 to gear up their character fully. Even when players decide to spend their real-life money like mrcaruthers, the game can cause problems due to its mechanisms.

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