Shadows in Diablo Immortal: How to join, Faction perks, Rite of Exile, and more

How to join the Shadows in Diablo Immortal (Image via Diablo Immortal)
How to join the Shadows in Diablo Immortal (Image via Diablo Immortal)

Diablo Immortal comes with a rather unique faction system that allows players to make the most of the social features that the latest franchise entry has to offer.

The factions in the game are integrally linked to the narrative and house the three sects of Adventurers, Immortals, and Shadows. While the Adventurers are the more neutral faction of the three, the Immortals are the defenders of Sanctuary in the perpetual Cycle of Strife, while the Shadows are the Dark Clans who want to be them.

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Much of the PvP in the RPG revolves around these two opposing factions, where one constantly seeks to get the better of the other.

In today’s guide, we will particularly look at how players will be able to enter the Shadows, the perks that they enjoy, and what they will be able to do as a member of the faction.

How to join the Shadows in Diablo Immortal


The role of the Shadows in Diablo Immortal is to constantly challenge the Immortals in a power struggle to usurp them. There are a set number of Immortals that any given server can hold, and hence there is a fair bit of competition amongst Shadow members to see who can best the current cream of the crop.

However, to first be a part of the Shadow faction, fans will first need to reach level 43 and complete the Bilefen questline to be eligible. Afterward, there are primarily two ways by which they will be able to be a part of the Shadows.

1) Shadow Lottery


The first option to join the faction is through the Shadow Lottery, where players will be able to talk to the Mysterious Patron at the Westmarch Tavern at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm server time every day.

They will then get a chance to enter the lottery and see if they are chosen by him to take part in the challenge of fighting three Ancient Champions. If chosen, and if players do become successful in taking the enemy down, then they will join the rest of the Shadow comrades in the Court of Whispers.

2) Shadow Invitation


The alternate method is through Shadow Invitation, where one Shadow member will be able to invite another Diablo Immortal player into the faction. However, an Akeba’s Signet is required for this, a consumable item which is lost upon use.

This is done so that existing members do not spam the invites for anyone who has just reached level 43 and finished the pre-requisite.

However, players can get a hold of more Akeba Signets by participating in the Shadow Loterry once again as an existing member of the Shadows.

The perks of being a Shadow in Diablo Immortal


Being a Shadow is all about consistently taking part in PvP conflicts and challenging the immortals for their throne. Through the Rite of Exile, the Shadows will be able to challenge the reigning Immortals for their throne, as that faction has access to Kion’s Ordeal, which offers the best gear drops out of all the raid activities in the game.

To challenge the immortals, the Shadows must first create or join a Dark Clan and complete missions to rise in the ranks. The top Dark Clans will be chosen in the Rite of Exile and will get the opportunity to dethrone some of the existing Immortals in the server.

Hence, to be able to increase one’s rank, the Clan will need to take part in the following activities:

1) Path of Blood


In the Path of Blood challenge, Diablo Immortal Shadows will be pitted against incredibly strong enemies, who will get increasingly stronger as players progress through the floors. Upon completing each milestone, the Shadows will receive Marks, which will be used to increase their ranks within the faction.

Players will be able to find the Path of Blood to the west of the Court of Whispers, where they will need to speak with Nuon to enter.

For those new to the Faction, this will be the only activity available for a time period, before more are unlocked as players acquire more marks and ranks.

2) Contracts


After investing marks and reaching the rank of Initiate II, the Shadows will then be able to participate in Contracts, which are daily quests that are exclusively available to this Faction. To receive a Contract, players will first need to head to the Tavern located in Westmarch, where they will be required to speak to bartender Bailey.

Upon completing the contract, Diablo Immortal Shadows will get a chance to acquire a legendary item for themselves, as well as gold and a lot of experience, which will help them with their Paragon tree.

Each week, there will be three chests available upon completion of Contracts, and each chest will reward Shadows with 700 Marks.

3) Vault Raid


The Vault Raid is quite an interesting activity that the Shadows can take part in, as here, they will need to raid the Immortal’s Vault. The vault will contain some of the most legendary items in the game, hence, it’s quite a popular game mode amongst faction members, especially for those who are serious about challenging the Immortals for their throne.

The loot that the Vault provides will depend on the amount of Essentia that the Shadows were able to collect during the Raid. Hence, teams that are more experienced and have more synergy will be the ones who will get the best loot in the mode.

Every week, Diablo Immortal Shadows are eligible to get their hands on 40 chests from the Vault along with 350 Hilts. Hilts can be used to buy crests in Diablo Immortal, along with reforging stones and gems, making them quite useful for the late-game grind.

4) Battlegrounds


Much like the Rite of Exile, the Battlegrounds in Diablo Immortal also feature an 8v8 game mode where players duke it out against one another,

The mode can be found at the top right of Westmarch, and players will need to talk to the Battleground Captain to start the missions. However, players must be at least level 55 to take part.

Moreover, Shadows can only participate in the battlegrounds twice per day, and be eligible to receive up to 70 Hilts per match.

5) Shadow Rank perks and Rite of Exile


The Shadows faction comes with eight unique ranks: Initiate, Apprentice, Watcher, Hunter, Blade, Phantom, Unseen, and Whisper, each of the ranks having four tiers of their own.

The ranks come with their very own perks, with the Initiate receiving +1 percentage damage and defense increase, which goes up by an additional +1 percent every time a Shadow ranks up. Hence, they can reach all the way up to a +32 percent buff by the time they reach Whisper IV.

Top 10 Dark Clans from the Shadows will be chosen to take part in the Rite of Exile, where they challenge the existing immortals for their throne in the server.

If the Shadows are able to win half of their matches, then the Rite of Exile will turn into the Challenge of Immortals where one chosen immortal will become a giant raid boss and kick off a 1v30 event.

If the Shadows win, they will get to replace the Immortal clan as the new Immortals in the server and will even be allowed to invite two friendly Dark Clans to join them in the Diablo Immortal Hall of Immortals.

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