Diablo Immortal factions guide: Who are the Immortals, Shadows, and Adventurers

How to join the Immortals, Shadows, and Adventurers in Diablo Immortal (Image via Activision Blizzard)
How to join the Immortals, Shadows, and Adventurers in Diablo Immortal (Image via Activision Blizzard)

The Diablo franchise is known to be quite notorious for its engaging in-game social features, and the latest entry of Diablo Immortal is definitely no stranger to this fact.

This time around, players will be able to do a lot with social features, and the latest RPG has introduced a faction feature that introduces three sects: Adventurers, Immortals, and Shadows.

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These are the three factions that Diablo Immortal players can join when playing the game, and upon making their decision, they will be able to join the individual channels of the group they pick. Additionally, these factions have their own unique rewards and their own set of membership requirements.

This is particularly what makes the faction system so very complicated in Diablo Immortal, and a lot of community members are having a hard time wrapping their heads around it. Hopefully, today’s guide will be able to help them out.

How to join the Immortals, Shadows, and Adventurers in Diablo Immortal?

1) Adventurers


The Adventurers aren’t exactly a faction in Diablo Immortal; it’s more like the default state players are assigned to as soon as they land in Wortham after creating their character. It’s the starting faction that is forced upon players, but it does come with its additional set of perks and bounties.

As Adventurers, players will be able to gain access to weekly bounties that will allow them to take out high-priority targets in an attempt to get their hands on some amazing rewards.

But that’s more or less it, and unlike the Shadows and the Immortals, the Adventurers do not exactly gain access to advantageous boons. On a more positive note, Adventurers will not have to constantly worry about upkeep as well.

After reaching certain level thresholds in the game, Adventurers can look to move on to either the Shadows or the Immortals, but it’s not a necessity. Hence, it’s one of the best factions to be in for casual players who are just looking to log into the game, complete a few basic missions, and then call it a day.

2) Shadows


Diablo Immortal players who are looking for more of a challenge in the RPG can look to join the Shadows and partake in the ongoing PvP war they are having with the Immortals. However, to be able to join this faction, they will first need to reach level 43 and have completed the Bilefen questline.

After completing the requisites, players will then be able to enter the Shadows Lottery, and every day at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm server time, they will be able to talk to the Mysterious Patron who is at the Westmarch Tavern.

Upon doing so, there is a chance that the patron might invite them to the room behind him to fight three Ancient Champions. Players who complete the quest and defeat all three will automatically be inculcated in the faction.

An alternate way to join the faction would be if existing members invite them. This will require an Akeba Signet, which is a consumable item that disappears upon use so that players do not abuse the invite feature.

To get the Signet again, Shadow members will need to participate in the Shadows Lottery again and beat the three Ancients.

3) Immortals


Becoming an Immortal in the RPG is quite challenging and is one of the hardest factions to get into in Diablo Immortal.

One reliable way to join their ranks is through the Rite of Exile, where players will first need to reach level 43, complete the Bilefan questline, and collect the Timeworn Scroll in the Ancient Arena.

Now they must become a Shadow and then proceed to either make a Dark Clan or join one and rise through the ranks competing with rival clans. This can be done through the two gameplay modes of Path of Blood and Raid the Vault.

During the Rite of Exile challenge, the top 10 clans will be able to make teams to challenge the strongest Immortal clans in an 8v8 brawl. If the Shadows can win over half of the matches, then the Rite of Exile switches to Challenge of the Immortal, where one Immortal is chosen to become a giant raid boss and participate in a 1v30 fight.


If the Immortals win this encounter, then those who have been a part of the faction will retain it. However, if the challenging Shadows win, the Dark Clans who won will be the next Immortals for that server.

Additionally, as an added perk, the new Immortals will be able to invite two friendly Dark Clans to join them in the Hall of Immortals. Moreover, as there are only a limited number of Immortals allowed at any given time on a server, the competition for the seat is fierce.

There are many players in Diablo Immortal who want exclusive access to Kion’s Ordeal, which is a 48-player raid offering some of the best loot in the game that can only be done by Immortal faction members.

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