Redfall will require “persistent online connection” even during its single-player mode

Redfall will require a constant internet connection even for its single-player game mode (Image via Arkane Studios)
Redfall will require a constant internet connection even for its single-player game mode (Image via Arkane Studios)

Arkane Studios' Redfall is easily one of many of this year's most anticipated games; however, it seems the game's constant internet connection will be a deal-breaker for many fans who expect an offline single-player experience. A recently published FAQ page for the game on the Xbox Store states that the game will require a persistent online connection for both co-op and single-player game modes.

Single-player games being locked behind a mandatory online connection is nothing new, especially for games like Redfall, which also feature a seamless co-op experience. More often than not, however, the mandatory internet connection requirement hinders players who want to enjoy a single-player game without any interruptions that might occur due to inevitable network fluctuations.

The FAQ page also stated that players would be required to link a account, which isn't anything new and has been a mandatory requirement for most Bethesda games since 2020, starting with Doom Eternal. Even Arkane Studios' previous title, Deathloop, had similar requirements, even for its single-player mode.

Redfall's recently updated FAQ page on the Xbox Store state a mandatory internet requirement even for its single-player game mode

Redfall's recently updated FAQ section on Xbox Store has multiple questions that answer some of the burning queries players might have about the game, including its availability on Game Pass, release date, and differences between different editions and network requirements.


Under the question, "will playing Redfall require an online connection for single-player as well as a co-op?" the answer stated by Bethesda states, "A persistent online connection is required for single-player and co-op." There is also a mandatory requirement stated under the network requirements, which has been a staple for most Bethesda-published titles in recent times.

On the surface, it is understandable for a game that features a seamless and robust online co-op experience, allowing players to team up with their friends to go up against the hordes of vampires plaguing the town's streets and alleys.

However, given that the game is also completely playable from start to finish as a traditional single-player experience, the mandatory online requirement feels a bit odd and off-putting for players who don't want to bother with staying connected to the internet while playing. The constant internet connection requirement is also a hindrance for players who wish to play the game on the go on Valve's portable gaming system, Steam Deck.


It remains to be seen if the game receives severe backlash from players due to its internet requirements or if it's something that players end up overlooking when Redfall releases for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC on May 3, 2023.

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