"Return of the King": Jubilant fans react as Asmongold returns to his main Twitch channel to play Diablo 4

Asmongold is back on his main account to play Diablo 4 (Image via Blizzard)
Asmongold is back on his main account to play Diablo 4 (Image via Blizzard)

Fans of popular streamer Zack "Asmongold" welcomed him back to his main Twitch channel to play Diablo 4 after months of streaming on his alternate account Zackrawrr. The streamer has been notably absent from his main channel for quite a while now and celebrated the release of the new Diablo game by coming back to share memes and words of encouragement on social media.

Zack has been streaming on Zackrawrr for many months now, and many took to Reddit and Twitter to mark the occasion of his return. A post titled 'All Hail The Return of the King' is gaining traction on the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail.

Fans also shared the meme on Twitter under Asmongold's post announcing today's stream, with many poking fun at the content creator for not streaming on his main for so long.

"We're back": Asmongold reveals being nervous before coming back to main Twitch channel to stream Diablo 4

Fans know that the streamer has not appeared on his main for months, and one of his first steps after coming online on his main channel was to address how he was feeling. It appears that he thought he would be quite nervous, but the thought of playing Diablo 4 made it much easier. Asmongold elaborated:

"I thought that I would be really nervous about this, but I am really not. Like, I just want to play the game today and..."

He then hit his viewers with the classic greeting that he reserves for his main channel:

"Sup y'all It's me your boy Asmongold and we're back! We're going to be playing some f*cking Diablo 4. Can you imagine that? Yeah, we're f*cking back."

The OTK co-founder also joked about being back for only a couple of days, predicting he will need about three days to complete the game on stream. Meaning that's how long he will remain on the main channel before returning to Zackrwarr.

"I'll be back for, I don't know, for three days or so, right? Before I just randomly disappear for another year."

Regardless, his fans are clearly excited to see the streamer play Diablo 4. Here are some more reactions from his supporters on social media.

Here's an article exploring the reasons why Asmongold chooses to stream more on his alternate account Zackrwarr for those interested.

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