Why does Asmongold livestream on his alternate Twitch channel? Reason explored

When will Asmongold return to streaming on his main channel? (Image via Twitch)
When will Zack return to streaming on his main channel? (Image via Twitch/Asmongold)

Zack "Asmongold" has been livestreaming on his alternate Twitch channel, Zackrawrr, for a few months now. He stopped using his main channel back in July and still has over three million followers. Since he regularly started streaming on the alternative, Zackrawrr has grown exponentially, and currently boasts more than a million followers despite not being partnered.

Being a non-partnered streamer means that Twitch has been unable to properly capitalize on the tens of thousands of regular viewers who tune in to watch Zack. Back in September, the streamer estimated that the Amazon-owned company was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because he only streams on his alternate account.

But why has Asmongold, one of the longest and most successful Twitch streamers, been using an alternate account? Last month, the OTK founder opened up about it, saying that streaming on his main is too stressful.

"It f*cks me up in the head": Asmongold's reason for not going live on his main account


On a stream on October 3, Asmongold answered questions regarding this very issue to his audience. He basically posited that streaming on the main channel was a bit too much to handle at the moment and that he was opting for more laid-back streams on his alternate Twitch account.

Explaining that the feeling is irrational and illogical, he said:

"It's like, there's a lot of things about going live on the main account and everything that stresses me out. It's like, it's one of those things that is like not a logical way of feeling. And I think that's probably why it bothers me a lot, because I feel a certain way and I don't know why because I don't think I should feel that way."

Reiterating that he had no control over the feeling that kept him from streaming, Asmongold maintained that even thinking about it messed with his head, and that he was better off doing chill streams on Zackrwarr:

"It just f*cks me up in the head, man. Yeah, it's irrational, and I wanna figure it out. I'm thinking about just going live on my main channel and just doing exactly the same stuff. Maybe, dial it up a little bit but not really. And just going back and enjoying myself."

He dispelled any rumors connecting OTK controversies to the fact that he had stopped streaming:

"It has nothing to do with any of the OTK controversies at all. I wasn't streaming before that."

Asmongold's father's illness was a factor


The streamer proceeded to retell the story of the day he stopped using his main channel for content creation and described how he had called his sick father on the very day and when he didn't pick up the call, the streamer got very stressed out.

"I called my dad and my dad didn't answer. And my dad was sick at the time, so it stressed me out. So I basically ran all the way to his house that was miles away. Turns out he was just out shopping or something like that or he was like..."

But that's not where that day's misery ended. Asmongold continued:

"And so finally I drive home, or my dad drives me home because my car is in the shop and I am eating food while in a meeting and I broke my tooth. It was kind of like, 'Okay, everything is happing all at once.' And I just couldn't deal with it."

As it happens, that was also the time when the streamer was partaking in the launch process for Starforge Computers, which added to the pressure.

So when will Asmongold be back?


Asmongold's fans expect him to return to streaming on his main channel sooner rather than later, as he mentioned last week that he might be coming back for the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launch on November 28.

"I know a lot of people ask when I'm gonna be back on the mainstream, etc. I want to be back for Dragonflight launch, I do. I want to be back."

He also mentioned that he would continue to be laid back and chill, just like on Zackrawrr. This means fans of the new happy-go-lucky Asmongold might be in for a treat.

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