"Look how stupid Blizzard is": Asmongold calls out Blizzard for nerfing the much-anticipated dragon flying feature in World of Warcraft

Asmongold criticizes Blizzard for nerfing new Soar ability (Image via Sportskeeda)
Asmongold criticizes Blizzard for nerfing new Soar ability (Image via Sportskeeda)

Zack "Asmongold", the highly popular MMO streamer on Twitch, criticized Blizzard for nerfing dragon riding speed in the upcoming World of Warcraft update titled "Dragonflight." The 30% speed decrease in ability has been a point of contention for much of the playerbase. Some feel that it is a justifiable change while others refuse to believe it is desirable in any way.


The streamer took a clear stand on the issue by calling out the developers over what he thought was an unnecessary nerf, which impedes the enjoyability factor of the new ability. While reacting to a side-by-side comparison video by a professional World of Warcraft player, he ended up calling the developers stupid:

"Look how stupid Blizzard is."

Asmongold gives his opinion on the dragon WoW dragon rider nerf

Dragonflight is the much awaited update to the massively popular MMO by Blizzard. With many referring to the new features as one of the best additions to World of Warcraft in a long time, tensions run high as Blizzard continues to update the alpha with new patches.

Blizzard is notorious for making anti-player decisions and has faced massive backlash for many choices in the past. The most recent nerf to Dracthyr's Soar ability, which used to let players fly at speeds of upto 930%, has reduced the speed to boost by 30%, angering a lot of fans.

Asmongold seemed to be one of them as he reacted to a comparison video by Maximus from the Liquid Guild, which showcased the extent of the nerf. The streamer described the pre-nerf ability as fun and enjoyable, saying:

"This is how fast it used to be. Look at this. Look how cool that is man."

He used a few choice words while describing the current way Soar works, calling it lame:

"It's worse, yeah i know. It's lame. How cringe."

Clearly disappointed with the nerf, Asmongold revealed that changes like this have made him question the new update:

"As I said, that change made me lose more, uh, hope for Blizzard with Dragonflight than anything else. Like, if they don't change that I'm going to expect Dragonflight to be dog a** sh*t."

Blizzard's reasoning for the change was that the ability was overpowered because it was exclusive to the Dracthyr race. The developers revealed that their playtest showed no change in fun factor, noting:

"Soar is also a Racial ability, and was never intended to be a massive efficiency or performance improvement over other races... What we’ve found while playtesting these changes internally is that the speed change didn’t diminish the fun of the locomotion mechanics."

Maximus, like many other World of Warcaft fans, did not find the reasoning substantial for the nerf, and he made his feelings clear by expressing:

Reactions to the clip

Fans of Asmongold mostly agreed with the streamer and let out their frustration against Blizzard. One fan, by the name Artixes Pro, commented:

"At this point I’m inclined to believe Blizzard hates good feedback and makes sure it never happens."

Other YouTube comments showed a similar sentiment, with many remembering previous features that were nerfed by Blizzard. A few even had theories of why the developers were purposefully nerfing things.

YouTube comments about Blizzard's nerf policy (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
YouTube comments about Blizzard's nerf policy (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

A viewer wondered how Blizzard always gets away with cutting content.

Fans react to Soar nerf (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
Fans react to Soar nerf (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

As a veteran World of Warcraft player and content creator, Asmongold has quite a reputation in the MMO community. He has been a vocal critic of Blizzard in the past and has been quite outspoken against changes he does not like.