"Anything that Preach has done, I've done 10x": Asmongold cannot believe Preach Gaming wasn't offered WoW Dragonflight alpha access

Asmongold does not appreciate Blizzard blacklisting Preach Gaming from WoW Dragonflight's alpha (Image via Sportskeeda)
Asmongold does not appreciate Blizzard blacklisting Preach Gaming from WoW Dragonflight's alpha (Image via Sportskeeda)

Zack "Asmongold" is a public critic of Blizzard's new games and policies, and has voiced his discontent multiple times on his streams. He is not alone in this as many creators, such as Preach Gaming, have been vocal about their problems with new expansion to World of Warcraft (WoW) and other games such as Diablo Immportal.

In his latest stream, Asmongold shared his disbelief at the fact that Blizzard has been blacklisting content creators who have criticized developers from early access to new expansions to the game and was critical of the decision to not include Preach Gaming in the alpha to World of Warcraft Dragonflight.


While talking about Preach being excluded from the alpha, Zack said:

"What does he expect? Anything Preach has done, I've done 10x. Like, anything that he has done, I've done that and I have gone even further."

Asmongold is not a fan of Blizzard blacklisting Preach Gaming who are ciritical of its games

Zack is known for his MMORPG games and his claim to fame was his World of Warcraft content. The popular Twitch streamer has a huge fan following based on his World of Warcraft streams.

He is a big fan of Blizzard's games and has played over a thousand hours in the game with a single character in the MMO.

(Timestamp 2:13:36)

It was quite a shock to him when he found out that veteran creators such as Preach Gaming were not let into the alpha of the new expansion Dragonflight. Reacting to Preach's video, he said:

"That's so weird. Dude, I don't understand that at all."

Many in his chat were of the opinion that Preach got what he deserved. But Asmongold did not feel that way. His past reviews of Blizzard's games have not always been positive either, and the streamer, who is aware of that, spoke about how he had gone farther than Preach Gaming but hadn't faced such a disciplinary action.


The OTK co-founder was of the opinion that Blizzard should have made sure creators like Preach got into the alpha:

"I think Preach deserves to be in the alpha, I absolutely do. I completely support him."

Asmon also talked about the ethics of barring someone from the alpha just because they had spoken against the company's previous decisions. Considering a lot of viewers will take into account what the big streamers will say about the new in-game content, picking and choosing people who will favor your product is not fair:

"I think it's bad for content creators, it's bad for the entire industry, it's bad for viewers. If these companies are picking and choosing people based off of how critical they are of the game i think that's incredibly harmful for everybody involved."

Fans react to Zack's views on Preach Gaming's exclusion from World of Warcraft Dragonflight's

Zack's reaction to Preach not being let into Dragonflight alpha has garnered a lot of attention in the World of Warcraft community. So much so that Preach himself had to address the issue saying he does not mind it that much and requested the community to not make it into a big deal:

Yo dudes, stop fussing over the WoW AlphaI didnt expect to get itI didnt try to get inIt was mentioned it wasnt likelyIts not a big deal at all

Most commentors under the clip were of the opinion that Blizzard is making a huge mistake by not letting a veteram like Preach review their game. Considering his criticism to be valid, many pointed out that player feedback is essential in making a game better:

Many took to Twitter to show their support for Preach, denouncing Blizzard for snubbing a fan favorite creator. Some even said that the incident made the developer more sketchy:

@icemanjmw @PreachGaming That certainly is true but Tbf I'd rather have the second one as a problem over what they actually did which looks like silencing valid criticism from a long time wow player. May not be the case but it doesn't look good.
@Gabe_S_Amaro @PreachGaming It's about the principle. Mike and the team have done so much for the game and community. He's a guy actually giving blizz good feedback. Isn't this the type of guy you need and want in a alpha? This just makes it look like blizz is silencing critisism, which is REALLY BAD for us
@PreachGaming Not gonna lie, this is a big deal to me. If after all you've done for the game and the community, they can't let you in the alpha. That just makes me distrust blizzard even more. And in a buisness perspective, convincing you it's a good expac, would gain them a LOT of good rep.
@PreachGaming You covered the game for 15 years and have a history of extensively testing alphas/betas to advocate change for the benefit of the players. It is disheartening to see how quickly ppl forget and abandon you after all you've done - even though you've said you'll always love WoW.
@PreachGaming It's not a big deal for you, because you can still discuss the game.It's a big deal for Blizzard, because they lose the little sense of goodwill they've recouped since the entire debacle. They're still so prideful and it doesn't bode well. Pride ruins game development.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight is slated to release towards the end of this year. Asmongold's clip has certainly spread the news of Preach's blacklisting to a wider audience, but Blizzard is yet to make any changes to its plans of rolling out alphas.

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