Revenant and True Rippers to represent India in Snapdragon Brawl Stars Masters 2023 Japan

Revenant and True Rippers qualified for Brawl Stars Masters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Revenant and True Rippers qualified for Brawl Stars Masters (Image via Sportskeeda)

Revenant Esports put on a splendid performance to win the Snapdragon Brawl Stars Pro Series Season 1: India Challenge in dominant fashion. At the Grand Finals, the talented team completely outclassed True Rippers in a clean sweep. Nevertheless, both squads have claimed slots in the Snapdragon Pro Series Masters, a global competition that will be hosted in May in Chiba (Makuhari Messe), Japan.

The Brawl Stars Pro Series India kicked off in December last year and featured a total of five phases. After three stages, the top eight teams made it to the Challenger Season, which was held from February 9 to March 5, with four rosters advancing to the Challenger Finals. The final phase was organized on March 18 and 19, where the top four squads battled it out for two slots in the upcoming Masters Japan.

Prize pool distribution of Brawl Stars Pro Series Season 1: India Challenge

This highly anticipated contest boasts a prize pool of $60K, from which Revenant bagged the first prize of $19K and True Rippers obtained $12K with their runner-up position.

  1. Revenant Esports - $19K
  2. True Rippers Esports - $12K
  3. Marcos Gaming - $9K
  4. Aogiri - $7K
  5. F/A Real Ones - $5K
  6. Team Sadge - $4K
  7. 4 Button - $2K
  8. KO - $2K

Challenger Finals overview

The double-elimination format was used in the phase where Revenant Esports fought greatly against True Rippers in the first game of the Semifinals. The team then went head-to-head against Marcos Gaming, who reached that stage after hammering Aogiri in their very first encounter. With solid consistent gameplay, Revenant emerged victorious once again to reach the Brawl Stars Grand Finals.

True Rippers, who lost their opening turn, battled it out in the Lower Bracket and made a spectacular comeback by winning their next two matches, eventually qualifying for the Grand Finals to face Revenant once more.

On March 19, 2023, Revenant Esports exhibited their formidable form once again in the Grand Finals, exerting immense pressure on True Rippers from the very first round of the Grand Finals. Subsequently, they won the first three rounds and emerged as the winners of the event.

Snapdragon Pro Series Masters


The Brawl Stars competition will be conducted on May 13 and 14, 2023, featuring eight teams from across the world. Snapdragon has allocated a total prize pool of $200K for this upcoming event. In addition to the two Indian teams, Totem Esports and SK Gaming from the European-MENA region have made it to the Masters as well.

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