Roblox's Avatar Design Contest (2021): Everything players need to know

Avatar Design Contest
Avatar Design Contest

Roblox is an online game platform with a wide range of games that players worldwide can enjoy. The games are famous for their block-like Lego-inspired characters.

Speaking of characters, players can create their very own avatar when they sign up in Roblox. They can use this avatar and enjoy various games on the platform. Players can customize their avatars' look and change their appearance with various skins and accessories offered by the platform.

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Roblox's Avatar Design Contest (2021): Everything players need to know

To encourage creativity, Roblox hosts Avatar Design Contests. In this contest, players worldwide can design a unique Roblox avatar and send in the entry.


This year, Roblox has yet another Avatar Design Contest where players can design an avatar and send in their entry. The player who wins the contest gets $500 and a place in the Avatar Shop of Roblox.

Time Span

The Winter 2021 Avatar Design Contest started yesterday. Players can send in their entries till 1:00 PM PST on 19th February 2021.


Image via Roblox Blog
Image via Roblox Blog

There are certain categories based on which players need to design a Rthro bundle. Players can sketch it on paper or create a 2D/3D image using a drawing software. These are the categories that players will have to keep in mind:

· Everyday jobs / Professions

· Back To School

· Music/Artists

· Fashion Show / Future Fashion

· Streetwear Styles

· Cyberpunk

· Future Soldier / Military

· Ultra Ninja / Martial Artist

· Super Heroes

· Magic / Wizardry

Where and how to send?

After creating the avatar, players will have to turn their design into an image file. They can scan, photograph or screen-shot the design. Users must click the front and backside of their avatar.

Players need to follow Roblox’s Twitter account. Then tweet the image, tag a link to their Roblox profile, and write ‘#AvatarDesignContest’.

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