"She's setting herself up" - Fans shocked as Pokimane refers to Kai Cenat's Fortnite skin as "monkey"

Kai Cenat set Pokimane up for a joke. (Image via Fortnite, yoxics/X)
Kai Cenat set Pokimane up for a joke (Image via Fortnite, yoxics/X)

Twitch star Imane "Pokimane" recently referred to fellow streamer Kai Cenat's Fortnite in-game skin as "monkey," sparking reactions from fans.

The pair were streaming Fortnite together when Kai, who had the "Monks" skin equipped, asked Imane what his skin was in an effort to set her up, to which Imane responded, calling it a "monkey." Kai responded with feigned surprise and started laughing.

This response caused viewers to point out that Imane is setting herself up for yet another controversy, stating:

"Nah she setting herself up"

"Well, that's what the puppet looks like" - Pokimane refers to Kai Cenat's Fornite skin as "monkey"

Pokimane fell victim to a joke set up by Kai Cenat while the pair were streaming their Fortnite gameplay. Kai had equipped the rare "Monks" skin, first released in Chapter 2: Season 1 as part of the Sock 'em Set. While the skin is undoubtedly designed to resemble a monkey, Imane was asked by Kai:

"What am I? What am I?"

To this, Imane responded without much thought regarding Kai's intentions behind setting the question up:

"A monkey? Well, that's what the puppet looks like."

Following the successful execution of his joke, Kai could be seen laughing and exclaiming loudly, much to the confusion of Imane, who stated yet again that the skin does look like a "monkey."

Fans react to the exchange

Fans were bemused by Imane's gullibility and seeming inability to realize Kai's true intentions behind the question, even after it had been asked:

Imane's recent controversies explained

Imane "Pokimane" is well known for being the most-followed female-led account on Twitch, with over 9.4 million followers. Her Just Chatting live streams, frequent collaborations, and coverage of the Fortnite OG update keep her fans engaged.

The streamer has also been involved in controversies throughout 2023. The most recent one stemmed from her newly launched Myna Snacks' Midnight Cookies, perceived as expensive by many.

However, things took a worse turn as Pokimane went on to call a particularly harsh critic of her food line a "broke boy." Further, while referring to the criticism about the price point, she clarified that the cookies were $7 a pack and stated she was aware that calculating was difficult for an "idiot."

The controversy was exacerbated as Twitch star Félix "xQc" recently reviewed Imane's cookies, calling them "airy" and concluding that "it's not terrible" but "not great either." In response, Imane stated that Félix's criticism of her cookies is "none of her business."