"That is directly her business!" - xQc shocked at Pokimane saying his opinions on Myna Snacks are 'none of her business'

xQc expressed shock at Imane
xQc expressed shock at Imane's statement that his opinion on her cookies are "none of her business."

Twitch star Félix "xQc" expressed shock when fellow streamer Imane "Pokimane" stated that his criticism of her controversial Myna Snacks' Midnight Cookies is "none of my business." He had recently done a review of her newly launched cookies, where he stated that they are "pretty airy," concluding that "it's not terrible" but "not great either."

Upon being enquired about the same by Twitch personality Kai Cenat, Imane stated:

"Listen, sometimes other people's opinions are none of my business, you know what I mean? I think x (xQc) might have a bone to pick, so he can say and do whatever he wants to."

Reacting to this, Félix stated:

"Bro, bro, what? Bro, that is directly her business!"

"I gave an honest review of the product" - XQc responds to Pokimane's statement on Kai Cenat's stream

Imane recently launched Midnight Cookies from her new venture, Myna Snacks. The cookies were immediately embroiled in controversy for their price, especially after Imane called those who couldn't afford them a "broke boy."


For context, xQc had tried the cookies on a livestream and stated that the cookies were "pretty airy" and that the initial bite "tastes like an Oreo top cookie, but worse."

In a recent stream, Twitch streamer Kai Cenat discussed Félix's review of her cookies with Pokimane, with Kai asking:

"Yo! I seen a clip of x (xQc), bro. Did you see that? About your cookies?How do you feel about that?"

To this, Pokimane responded that it was "none of her business" and that xQc "may have a bone to pick."

Seeing this, Félix further expressed his shock and stated that it was business after all since he was just another reviewer of her cookies. Also, he expressed his gratitude for Imane sending the cookies to him ahead of time:

"Bro, bro, what? Bro, that is directly her business! Guys, I'm just a voice out of all the voices. I got the cookies ahead of time. She gave them to me, and I'm very ha- I'm thankful. "

Further, he said that it was an "honest review" of her cookies and included "no bias":

"I gave an honest review of the product. I gave an honest review. I tried my best, chat, to objectively say what I felt about testing the cookie with no bias. And I'm a massive cookie snack fan, dude."

Fans react to the exchange

While one user brushed the exchange off as "millionaire problems," others pointed out how Félix had tried his best to avoid being negative during the review but still got "rolled" by Imane.

Comment byu/Apoptosis11 from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/Apoptosis11 from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/Apoptosis11 from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/Apoptosis11 from discussion inLivestreamFail

Fellow controversial streamer Nadia recently made a post on X, in which she wrote that people chose to only "speak out" when a female decided to sell cookies and not when other male streamers like N3on and Sneako "spread negativity."

Some mentioned that xQc had made a reply on X regarding the cookies, which may have contributed to Imane's response.

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