Skull and Bones: New gameplay trailer, official release date, pre-order, and more

The world of the upcoming online multiplayer pirate game (Image via Sportskeeda)
The world of the upcoming online multiplayer pirate game (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans of open sea exploration and pirating can finally rejoice as Ubisoft has finally announced the release date of Skull and Bones at the July Ubisoft Forward event. The livestream showcased both a cinematic and gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated online multiplayer game. It also featured gameplay of two of the game's developers engaging in plunder and piracy in the actual game.


Interestingly, Skull and Bones has been in development for nearly a decade now. It was first announced back in E3 2017 with an expected release date set for Q3/Q4 2018. However, numerous delays followed with multiple changes to the direction of the project and what it aimed to achieve.

Ubisoft announces that Skull and Bones will launch later this year in November

Skull and Bones will finally be seeing the light of day on November 8, 2022, as revealed by Ubisoft during the livestream. The release date follows the recent leaks surrounding the game that predicted a November date.

The game will pit players as survivors with humble beginnings, starting off on their quest to become the legendary pirate who will rule the Indian Ocean. The game will feature a number of different ships, weapons, armor choices, and various sorts of assortments for further customization.


Players will begin their journey with the smallest of ships available in Skull and Bones, and slowly make their way upwards by completing contracts, looting, and plundering. Doing so will result in the player gaining infamy, which will provide them with access to new ships, weapons, armor and more.

Players will also be able to expand their fleet while having the option to engage in PvE and PvP combat. Each ship will be controlled by a single player with a crew of NPCs, who can, if not cared for properly, resort to mutiny.


Furthermore, the game will feature the option of hunting wildlife, crafting ships, weapons, and gears. They will also be able to visit pirate dens and outposts. The game can be played either solo or co-op. The developers have also promised that they will be updating and adding new content to the game post-launch.

The option to pre-order the game is already live on the official Ubisoft page. There are two editions available, Standard and Premium. While the former includes only the base game, the latter provides players with the Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection, two additional missions, the official digital artbook, and soundtrack on top of the base game.

The world of #SkullandBones is yours to discover in this new gameplay overview trailer!

Players can also sign up for future live tests for Skull and Bones by choosing the platform options available on the page: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Ubisoft Connect PC. Along with these platforms, the game will also be available on Stadia and Epic Games.

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