"Sorry for any false hopes": Stance over Ubisoft+ entering the Xbox Game Pass has been clarified

A response by Ubisoft Netherlands led to a major confusion (Images via Ubisoft, Microsoft)
A response by Ubisoft Netherlands led to a major confusion (Images via Ubisoft, Microsoft)

Ubisoft+ is a service that strongly resembles the Xbox Game Pass, with the two services sharing a lot in common. The manner in which the two services are structured is the same, which is basically a system where players can enjoy a vast array of games at an affordable monthly cost. Instead of buying every single game, players can enjoy different titles on rent as long as they are subscribed to the service. There has been a recent rumor that the two services might merge soon. As a follow-up, Ubisoft Netherlands has come up with a clarification regarding the issue.


The reasoning for many gamers expecting a merger is due to the fact that the Xbox Game Pass already has something similar on offer. Anyone subscribed to the Ultimate tier can also get free access to EA Play. This is EA's take on rental services where players can try several EA products and other perks like discounts. However, Ubisoft+ might not be coming anytime soon.

Ubisoft+ will not be coming to the Xbox Game Pass anytime soon

The rumor started as a result of Ubisoft Netherlands' reply to an Instagram member in a promotional post. The member had asked for the service to be bundled with the Xbox Game Pass. In response, Ubisoft Netherlands responded "soon."

This is the prime source of the rumor, as the response indicated that Ubisoft+ could soon get the same treatment as EA Play. This left a large part of the community quite excited, especially those already subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass.

In a later post, Ubisoft Netherlands indicated that their response had been misinterpreted. As per the current plans, the service will be arriving on Xbox consoles. If the reply, "soon," means anything, it has to do with that arrival and not for the Game Pass. Therefore, it has been clear that there was a miscommunication on the part of Ubisoft Netherlands, which led to the confusion.

The clarification is along the lines of what is to be expected. When Ubisoft+ was announced at the start of the year, it was also declared that the service would arrive on Xbox consoles. With Ubisoft Netherlands' clarification, that seems more certain.

Ubisoft+ includes all releases by Ubisoft, even the recent ones like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6. The service is available at a monthly cost of $14.99 and features even Ultimate Editions and DLCs.

While this clarification can disappoint many Xbox Game Pass subscribers, there is nothing to say that the policy related to Ubisoft+ won't change in the future. Even EA Play was added later on after EA started the service. However, any change is unlikely to arrive soon. For now, Xbox users will need to subscribe to the service separately once it becomes available.

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