Spider-Man 2 PS5 release date revealed at Summer Game Fest

Spider-Man 2 releases in October (Image via thegameawards on YouTube)
Spider-Man 2 releases in October (Image via thegameawards on YouTube)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for Sony's PlayStation 5 saw its gameplay get revealed recently and had a tentative fall 2023 release date. While it was encouraging to learn the game was coming out soon, fans were disappointed that no specific launch date was offered. Fortunately, Summer Game Fest has offered this piece of information. The event featured Bryan Intihar, the Creative Director at Insomniac, for an interview and revealed Spider-Man 2's official release date to be October 20, 2023.

After discussing this game, Intihar revealed that Insomniac's highly anticipated third entry in its Spider-Man franchise will be hitting the shelves and digital storefronts on that date.

When is Spider-Man 2 releasing?

The game features both Spider-Men: Peter Parker and Miles Morales. So they will be in the game. Players can switch back and forth between them or play as a specific hero if a certain mission demands it.

They will face Venom and Kraven in this title, which means the symbiote is involved. In fact, in the initial gameplay reveal, Peter was seen to have the iconic Symbiote Suit on. His aggression was palpable, and this title appears to be setting up for an epic storyline and potentially a boss fight between the two heroes.

Given Insomniac's track record for excellent stories with their first two Spidey games, there's good reason to have faith.


This game's world is allegedly going to be at least twice the size of 2018's Spider-Man, with multiple boroughs. This title is expected to be one of the biggest and most popular games of the year.

Is Spider-Man 2 exclusive to PS5?

Unfortunately for last-gen console users, Spider-Man 2 will only be available on the PlayStation 5. The previous games, Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, could be played on both.

Promotional image for the game (Image via thegameawards on YouTube)
Promotional image for the game (Image via thegameawards on YouTube)

Additionally, it will remain a PlayStation exclusive. The title was specifically made with the PS5's hardware in mind, so it can't possibly be played on a PS4. It will also be a single-player game. Pre-orders for the game will begin on June 16.

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