Starfield SteamDB update hints at potential delay and new release window

betehesda's ambituious RPG could miss its release date yet again (Images via Microsoft)

Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios is one of the most hyped games. The sci-fi open-world RPG was initially announced with a release window of November 2022 but was delayed to early 2023. Now, it might get postponed a second time, according to a SteamDB update.

The title now shows a release date of December 29, 2023. What does this mean for the game?

Could Starfield really get delayed a second time?

It is very obvious that the December 2023 date is a placeholder. This means it is not an accurate release window but exists as filler information until concrete details are finalized and announced. The original release date of November 11, 2022, can also be seen as slashed, which was already a no-go when Bethesda confirmed that it would need some more time to polish the gameplay of the title.

Starfield is the most ambitious project undertaken by the American developer thus far, so this makes sense. However, after the initial delay, the developers promised that the game would launch in the "first half of 2023". This led to fans assuming it would be released around February or March of next year.

Now, this new piece of information that has popped up might suggest that Starfield is still a long way from being a finished product. Plus, such an update would not be made hastily and is most certainly legit.

Moreover, SteamDB acts as a database for all updates pertaining to the game listing on Valve's digital storefront, so there is little reason to doubt it. Additionally, other games have seen similar "reveals" by means of keen-eyed users unearthing these database updates. So the official announcement could be right around the corner.

If true, then it is most certainly disappointing. But that is the nature of game development, especially for a title as impressive in scope and scale as Starfield.

What is Starfield about?


Taking place in the year 2330, Starfield puts players in the shoes of a member of the Constellation, a group of space adventurers. They strive to solve the greatest mystery of humankind: to unearth the mysteries of space and discover what lies beyond in its inky depths.

Longtime Bethesda fans will feel at home with the first-person/third-person gameplay as they explore the vastness of space as well as explore various planets and civilizations on their journey. Reminiscent of the Fallout games, in this title, players will fight foes, talk to quirky NPCs, and mold their characters with complex customization and roleplaying options. Starfield is coming to PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms in 2023.

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