Steam listing updates hint at PS5 exclusive Returnal coming to PC soon

The acclaimed third-person shooter roguelite from Housemarque is likely to come to PC in the future (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)
The acclaimed third-person shooter roguelite from Housemarque is likely to come to PC in the future (Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Soon after the release of the PS5 in 2020, Sony released a brand new IP Returnal to highlight the new console's power. It was developed by Housemarque, who is primarily known for rhythm games. Returnal is a new yet familiar project for the team - a sci-fi rogue-like that combines third-person shooting with the bullet-hell genre.

About a month ago, a SteamDB listing for the game was uncovered, which solidified suspicions that the 2021 PS5 exclusive title will be getting a PC port. These details depicted tags pertaining to the game (like sci-fi, rogue-like, and third-person shooter) and even outright name-dropping elements of the game. New updates have now further lent credibility to this matter.

Are you looking forward to Returnal on PC?


As spotted by VGC, the SteamDB page with the codename "Oregon" has continuously been updated ever since keen-eyed users spotted the listing. Of course, the codename does not confirm that it is Returnal, but the aforementioned tags are a giveaway. Looking at the SteamDB history page for the game, some of these listing updates have been as recent as yesterday.

Additionally, VGC also confirmed that an anonymous source reached out to them and showcased footage of the PC build. To top this off, another leak last month showcased the PC Options menu for two PS5 exclusives - Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Returnal. Check this out below:

The PC screenshots of #Returnal and #SackboyABigAdventure leaked.Credits: glockpopp (Reddit)

This is not surprising given Sony's increasing interest in the PC market and the influx of many acclaimed PlayStation games on platforms like Steam and Epic.

So far, we have seen games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and even God of War (2018), which have been well-accepted by PC gamers. The publisher's future prospects include Marvel's Spider-Man (2018), Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and The Last of Us: Part 1. So this seems like a logical addition and would also make it the first PS5 exclusive first-party game that arrives on PC.

What is Returnal about?

Behold the Returnal launch trailer, then arm yourself with these gameplay tips from @Housemarque: #PS5

Released last year, it features Selene Vassos, an astronaut who lands on the planet Atropos. She is on an adventure to discover the mysterious White Shadow signal but ends up trapped in a time loop.

The atmospheric, broody planet is teeming with hostile alien lifeforms that must be taken down using Selene's abilities, including weapons. The dash system is also crucial in avoiding barrages of projectile fire from foes.

The game also poses a challenge and players will find themselves dying every so often. However, the time-loop mechanic ensures she can start all over again to proceed on her journey in each biome.

All things considered, the game is all but confirmed for PC. Only an official validation remains to be announced from the publisher.

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