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Tekken 7 Season 4 update makes the game play better than ever before

(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)
(Image Credit: Bandai Namco)
Modified 13 Nov 2020, 02:58 IST

Tekken 7 received its Season 4 update just a few days ago, and brought with it an update that lets players play online as easily as if they were playing in person.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, and showing no signs of slowing down, fighting games have been struggling, as players have had fewer and fewer people to play with. Lag has been one of the biggest roadblocks to playing online, and it seems like Tekken has managed to overcome it.

Tekken 7 implements rollback netcode, opens up the world to players

It might seem like a small change, but for the fighting game community a good netcode can make or break a game’s online life. The latest change to Tekken 7 has been so well received that players have taken to twitter to share their experiences.

One player mentioned how he was able to play with players all over the world, from Japan and Australia to Germany, Peru and from coast to coast in the United States. This accomplishment was achieved by implementing a strong and stable rollback netcode which allows players to play their favorite fighting game seamlessly with almost anyone in the world.

For the fighting game community, that seamless play is vital for playing online. Players often practice for hours offline, learning combos, setups, mixups, and learning how to deal with specific situations that require them to react immediately. Latency can completely throw off how the game feels, and create a situation where all the hard work put into learning something is wasted when playing online.

But with rollback, players put take all the time they spent learning Tekken 7 to use, as the game’s new netcode handles every aspect of online play without so much as a hiccup.

Is it worth it to pick up Tekken 7?


For anyone curious about fighting games, now may be the best time to pick one up. Learning a fighting game takes time and effort, but the skills it teaches players are valuable even outside the context of gaming. Precision, rhythm, patience, and adopting a healthy competitive mentality, are all skills players can learn and train by playing fighting games.

Tekken 7 is also one of the best places to start, as the game has one of the most lively and thriving communities available. With a wealth of resources and plenty of people to play with, it’s arguably one of the best places for newcomers to kick off their fighting game adventure.

Published 13 Nov 2020, 02:58 IST
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